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How to Remove Bike Pedals With Some Easy Steps

Changing your bike pedals is a super easy do-it-yourself task in this article I’m going to give you some surefire tips and tricks to get it done in five minutes or less.

You might have found this video because you’ve broken a pedal, you’re upgrading your pedals or you simply need to take them off for travel or maintenance I’m going to take mine off to clean them and grease the spindles.

Tools and Workplace Arrangement

So first let’s take a look at what you need the tools you need are dependent on what kind of pedals you have.

Take a look at your pedals and see if they have an Allen head or wrench flats some have both my pedals use an eight-millimeter Allen wrench.

If you have pedals that use an Allen head, you’re gonna need a six millimeter or eight-millimeter Allen wrench.

If you have pedals with wrench flats, you’re gonna need either a pedal wrench or a low profile 15- or 17-millimeter standard wrench you can use a crescent wrench.

If you are in an absolute vine but I wouldn’t recommend it. It can come loose and you can actually damage your pedals with that.

You’re also going to want a paper towel or an old rag and some grease or anti-seize compound to put on the pedal threads before you reinstall them.

Allen key also a very useful tool if you use an adult BMX bike and that tool is great for BMX bike pedals to change.

First Step: Grab the Pedals

The first and probably the easiest way to remove your pedals is to get your pedals level to grab the opposite brake of the pedals you’re trying to remove.

Step on the pedal you’re removing get your wrench on the pedal and then pull it towards the back of the bike that just broke it free and now you can use the other end of the Allen wrench to thread the pedal out.

It can be easy to forget that the left side pedal or the non-drive side pedal is actually reverse threaded so place your wrench at the top of the pedal and always apply pressure towards the back of the bike when you’re removing the pedals.

In this way, no matter which side of the bike you’re on you’re always applying force in the correct direction.

Second Step: Remove the Pedals

The second way to remove your pedals is simply to stand over your bike reach down and put your wrench on the pedal and then apply force to the opposite pedal and pull your wrench towards the back of the bike.

So, pulling up on the left-side pedal and I’m pulling back on the right-side pedal to break it free.

If your pedals are well maintained and haven’t been over-tightened, of course, these same techniques work on pedals with wrench flats as well.

If your pedals are oxidized or real seized up you may want to spray on some wd-40 let it soak in for a little bit and then give it another go.

Use a paper towel or rag you want to go ahead and clean the threads on the pedals you want to get them nice and clean so that they don’t bind up and that grit and grime out of there when you go to reinstall pedals.

You also want to clean the threads out on the crank arm itself it’s going to have some grit and grime in there as well.

Now we’re going to reinstall the pedals, take a look at your pedals and make sure that you’re installing them on the correct side of the bike.

Pedals are usually marked with an R or L representing the right or left side to install the pedal make sure that you place the washer or spacer or anything that came with a pedal on before you start to thread it in.

Consider adding a little bit of anti-seize or grease to the threads to keep them from binding.

Sometimes I find it difficult to line up the threads so you may want to reverse thread it a couple of times just to get it lined up and then begin threading it in.

I usually tighten it down by hand and then snug it up at the very end with the wrench at the top of the pedal you’re going to apply pressure forward towards the front of the bike.

Opposite of what you did to remove the average pedal-torque spec is about 35-newton meters.

I’m really precise with my pedals I usually just tighten them down by hand and then give them one final snug with a wrench.

You definitely don’t need to over-tighten them if the pedals begin to bind as you’re putting them back on the bike.


You want to stop and back them out to make sure you’ve not to cross-threaded anything otherwise, you can do damage to the pedal threads as well as the crank arms well.

You’re now a bike pedal changing expert and if you want to get more information check Outdoorxsports. I hope one of these methods works for you get out the problems.

How To Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing is an essential practice for any successful online business, helping you to remain competitive, attract new customers, and improve your profits. Businesses that are looking to harness all of the potential benefits of a successful digital marketing campaign need to ensure they are using the best practices. It is not enough to continue to use the same digital marketing strategy that might have proved useful a few years ago. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and businesses need to keep their digital marketing campaigns up to date and relevant for the best chance of success.

How to download private vimeo videos?

Vimeo is one of the video platforms similar to YouTube, its most striking difference is the absence of annoying YouTube ads. Which has made some users prefer Vimeo over YouTube. Here we will show you everything you need to download Vimeo videos, even those protected! Stay with us so you can learn how to do it. On Vimeo, there is certain content that you will only find on its platform. If you want to download private vimeo videos we will show you here:

How to hide online status on Facebook

Facebook Messenger has quickly become one of the most used apps for exchanging messages with friends since it uses all the contacts available on Facebook to start a conversation (in addition to those available via the phone number associated with the app).

But what if you want to protect your privacy and know-How to hide online status on Facebook so as not to let anyone know when you were last active? In this guide, you will find out How to hide online status on Facebook and the Facebook Messenger app available for all major platforms.

How to hide online status on Facebook

How to hide online status on Facebook

On PC, you can hide online status from Facebook chat by opening the site’s web page and logging into Facebook with the account in your possession. Once you open the homepage, to go offline on Facebook is very simple:

  • Click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the chat tab (or top right, depending on your computer screen),
    then click on the item. Deactivate the activity status.
  • Another window will open in the center where you can choose whether to deactivate the activity status for all contacts and deactivate it. Still, some selected or deactivated it only for some people to select.
  • Blocked friends will no longer see when you are online from your PC, even on Facebook Messenger (unless you use the app, of course!).
  • This setting does not disable the chat: you can still contact whoever you want without any problem, only that the same interlocutor and the other contacts in the chat will never know if you are active now or not active. It makes you invisible, leaving your privacy intact related to your Facebook access (watch out: not on Facebook Messenger!).

How to be offline on Facebook from your mobile

How to hide online status on Facebook

Now you know how not to be online on Facebook from the web, but if you don’t use the chat on the Facebook site a lot and instead use the Messenger app of the same social network. You should know that the settings seen a little while ago do not apply to the app, even if the contacts shown are the same. So you can be hidden on PC and Web but still be active from the app and vice versa!

Read also: How to turn off comments on facebook

To hide the online status on Facebook Messenger from the Android and iOS app, you must first download it on your mobile device.

After starting the app, let’s see how to go offline on Facebook Messenger:

  • Tap the icon of your account at the top left (where your Facebook profile photo is present).
    In the Profile section, tap on Activity status.
  • In the new screen that appears, under Show when you are active, tap the button on the right,
  • a warning will appear asking for confirmation. If you want to deactivate the activity status, click on DISABLE to go offline on Messenger.

Now no one will know that you are online on the Messenger app, but out of respect for privacy, you will not be able to do the same (i.e., you will not see if others are online unless you reactivate this entry).

How to message someone on YouTube privately?

In the past, there was a messaging option to send and receive private messages on YouTube that carried out a channel-subscriber relationship, but unfortunately, this ceased to exist in 2018. But there is still an option available for you to communicate with your favorite channels or, if you have one, to communicate with your subscribers. Similarly, YouTube currently allows you to be aware of your channel’s statistics and subscribers, as well as your subscribers. But today, we will explain how to message someone on youtube in a very easy way.

How to message someone on youtube?

how to message someone on youtube

You are staying in touch with your all-important subscribers if you have a YouTube channel. If you are a subscriber to channels on this platform, it is also important that you can keep in touch with them to make your opinion known and make yourself felt. Also, you must know how to respond to the comments of your followers correctly.

To carry out this type of channel-subscriber communications or vice versa, you must know how to send and receive private messages on YouTube, so first find out how to send these messages. You can read how to turn off comments on facebook

Steps to send messages

To start sending messages to your favorite channels right away, you should know that the only option currently available to send private messages on YouTube is through email. To get to this function, you must access YouTube from your PC, and in the search bar, write the name of the channel to which you want to write a message and click.

Once you have located the channel, click on it, and the main window of the channel will appear, where there are sections with names such as “Home”, “Videos”, “List of reproductions”, among others.

Among these options, you should look for the one titled “More information.” Click on this and the window will appear where you will find the channel’s description and the part that interests you, which is titled “Details”.

In this part, there is a statement that says “For commercial inquiries” followed by a button titled “View email address.” Click here and the “I’m not a robot” button should appear, where you must click on the box and a pop-up window will appear with simple tests to determine that you are indeed not a robot.

Complete the tests. Once the test is finished, click “Verify” ⇾ “Send,” and then you will see the channel’s email where you can send messages.

You must bear in mind that if the channel creator does not have an email address added, you will not be able to send messages. That is why it is important that if you have channels on YouTube, you add an email so that your subscribers can contact you.

How to receive messages

how to message someone on youtube

Adding an email to your channel for your subscribers to write to you privately is easy. The first thing you should do is access YouTube, click on your profile picture and go to the “My channel” section. Then you must click on the option “Customize channel” and then you must select the “About” tab.

In the “Details” section, there will be a box where you can put an email address of your choice and that’s it! You will have access to send and receive private messages on YouTube.

Why it is important to send and receive private messages on YouTube

Although we have already mentioned them several times in the previous parts of the article, this aspect is worth highlighting. Sending and receiving private messages on YouTube allows you to establish a solid and indestructible channel-subscriber relationship.

Also, in subscribers, you can express opinions, discontent and others respectfully and privately through an email. This will allow you to have more acceptance from users, and that way, your visits will increase. You can also monitor them.

Also, if you have a YouTube channel, it will be very easy for you to know your subscribers’ needs, concerns, and annoyances. This has a commercial interest since the main purpose of putting an email is for commercial inquiries.

The benefits and importance of sending and receiving private messages on YouTube are many, but they will all let you see that you should go to do it right now if you have not tried or even activated this function.

Best v8 featured apps

V8 featured apps are those apps that come with version 8. The specialty of the v8 is the latest updates and bug fixes. All updates come with faster and smooth performance but v8 featured apps are extra faster than the previous version. Let’s have a look below:

V8 featured apps

v8 javascript engine

v8 javascript engine

V8 is an open-source engine written in C ++ for compiling JavaScript and WebAssembly into machine code. This means that it translates JavasScript into a purely digital code capable of being interpreted by the CPU where it is executed.

This engine was developed by Google for Google Chrome and its first version was released in 2008 together with the first version of the browser.

In addition to Chrome, the rest of the Chromium-based browsers also use this engine, for example, in the new Microsoft Edge. The reason this engine is so efficient and fast is precisely that it compiles JavaScript code instead of interpreting it, which drastically lowers its execution time.

Besides this, V8 is in charge of managing the call stack, which is the execution stack; the memory heap, which is the dynamic storage area where the variables declared in the blocks are stored; and the garbage collector to clean up and free up space. Lastly, it provides all data types, operators, objects, and functions.

FMWhatsapp V8

FMWhatsapp V8

FM Whatsapp is a modified and improved version of the original Whatsapp. Although the original does not contain any errors, it still lacks some functionality and sometimes it is irritating to use the application. FM Whatsapp is a version that offers useful functions that are not present in the original application. It doesn’t matter if we use an original or modified application. We are always looking for the best application that offers us the best functionality. There are tons of Whatsapp MOD APK available on the internet. Some are fake or just a copy of the original app that doesn’t even have any new features added. We decided to collect these WhatsApp MODs from different reliable sources and make them available to you. For today’s article, We discuss some of the features of FMWhatsapp with its direct download link. Try the latest version of FMWhatsapp APK and enjoy all these amazing features.

Best Everyday Gadgets On The Market Right Now

Everyday gadgets now seem to be part of consumers everyday lives as many of us are over-reliant on these types of gadgets to ensure that they get about their everyday lives. There is a gadget for virtually everything now as they come in all different forms, shapes and sizes and below we look at what are the best everyday gadgets on the market right now.

How to turn off comments on facebook

The Facebook social network allows us to share images or photos with family and friends and see their reactions and comments. It is certainly a pleasant experience. However, perhaps we would prefer that other person refrain from commenting on them because they are not so close. In this article, you will learn how to turn off comments on facebook.

Your Unique Gadget Stamp in Gaming

The gaming peripheral market has been on a tear over the past decade or so with a huge number of products covering a wide and growing market, although some products certainly fall under the gimmicky side of things, there’s no denying that the wider availability certainly has a lot of uniqueness and a lot of variety to what’s on offer. Many gadgets in gaming and esports have become a mark of individuality too – livestreaming and the rise of esports betting like at have brought more eyes to the sport and to the players, with the gadgets often providing their stamp on the physical side of the virtual games – so what should you know about these unique gadgets in esports?

Why can’t i comment on facebook?

Exactly from this morning, it is impossible to comment on some posts or put the like inside some Facebook pages. Why can’t i comment on facebook? This is not an error of the social network but its umpteenth update that involves the privacy settings of all registered users, as explained in the Facebook forum.

Why can’t i comment on facebook?

Why can't i comment on facebook

In a nutshell, if we are the admin of a fan page, we cannot comment on the posts of fans that we are not friends with. This is because the user has defined his privacy settings that only his friends can comment on his posts. In this way, the page-user interaction will become more complicated and many users are already complaining about this change. For example, our fans on Uagna cannot receive replies from the administrators if they are not directly friends.

Here’s how you can change your Facebook privacy settings to fix the issue with comments on your posts:

  1. Click on Account – Privacy Settings
  2. The item ” Permission to comment on your posts ” must be set to ” all, “if it is not, click on ” Customize settings.”
  3. Under ” Ability to comment on posts,” select “all.”
  4. In this way, everyone can comment on our posts on Facebook pages and not just our friends.

UPDATE: despite the above procedure being correct, some users complain that they cannot resolve the situation. We just have to wait for the Facebook managers to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

If you want to comment on Facebook pages and receive notifications and replies to your comments, you must set the privacy as follows:

  • Go to Facebook at the top right of Account.
  • Choose ” Privacy Settings “

The option ” Status updates, photos and posts ” will be set to ” friends only,” and you will have to change it by going to ” Customize Settings ” found below and setting ” everyone ” as a privacy policy.

Photo status updates facebook post privacy. Now you will not have any problems, but it must be said that this will be a heavy blow for many page administrators and for many users who will be afraid to enable this option or even bother to change it. I can tell you that setting only the status update, photos, and posts visible to all does not mean that your profile, photos, and wall will become public !!! You can, therefore, safely choose this option. Let me know!

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