Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

– Albert Einstein

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A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them.

We chose a different path.

Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.

– Steve Jobs


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Would you like to start using an efficient laser keyboard? Here we present the best keyboards with these characteristics that you can currently find on the market. Keep reading to enjoy the best keyboards available and review all its features to find the one that best suits your needs.

How to bypass mega download limit

MEGA is one of the most widely used cloud hosting services around the world. It is the successor of the extinct Megaupload, and at the time of launch, it promised numerous improvements over it. Overall, several of those promises were kept, and MEGA managed to position itself as one of the best platforms in the world.

How to Protect Your Company’s Computers

Why work so hard to make money if you don’t go above and beyond to protect the profit that you turn over? If you want to safeguard your company’s earnings, it’s imperative that you take cybercrime incredibly seriously. Should you ever take your eye off the ball in this sense, even if only for a short period of time, you will open the floodgates for hackers, scammers, and trojan attackers. Ultimately, this will result in your business data being compromised, and, in turn, both your finances and your reputation will be in serious danger.

If you want to provide your organization with the best possible layer of protection against cybercrime, it’s crucial that you protect your company’s computers at all costs. To find out what you must do to perform this all-important task, be sure to read on.

Know what you’re up against

How can you expect to fend off cybercrime if you aren’t aware of the exact dangers that you face? To ensure that you can perform this all-important task to the best of your ability, it’s imperative that you know what you’re up against.

Here are just a few of the types of hacking that you should most certainly be aware of in this day and age:

  • Financial crimes
  • Vandalism
  • Hacktivism
  • Corporate espionage

Enable a firewall

Enabling a firewall is one of the first things that you must do to protect your company’s computers. Once this software solution is in place, a barrier will be created between your personal business data and the external forces that threaten it. Your firewall will go above and beyond to prevent unauthorized access to your network, which in turn will lower the amount of intrusion attempts that you face on a daily basis.

There are plenty of firewall systems out there on today’s market, and one of the best is the new SonicWall TZ670. Powered by SonicOS 7.0, this intuitive form of UI tech provides high-speed VPN protection as well as an integrated SD-WAN. In layman’s terms, it provides unrivaled network security features for companies of all shapes and sizes! If you want to find out more about this specific firewall software solution, be sure to check out

Optimize your passwords

Your passwords will be your first line of defense in the war that you wage against cybercrime, which is why you must make an effort to optimize them. The more robust these codes are, the harder they will be to crack, and the more protection they will provide.

If you truly want to beat the hackers, you need to set strong passwords. You can achieve this crucial feat by:

  • Never using sequential numbers or letters
  • Not including any easy-to-obtain information in your codes
  • Making your codes long
  • Using a mix of characters (letters, numbers, symbols, etc.)
  • Writing out your codes in both upper and lowercase letters

No matter how big or small your business may be, you need to take cybersecurity seriously. Put the above advice into practice, and you’ll be sure to protect your company’s computers.

3 Signs that You Need to Hire an IT Consultant Right Now

Hiring a consultant can be a gamble in some cases. You don’t know how good they’re going to be or if they can help you reach your goals. But, when it comes to IT, it’s pretty easy to see how you can benefit from working with a consultant.

If you’re falling behind in technology or need to upgrade your systems but don’t have the expertise in-house, chances are you’ll need to work with an expert. But there are other signs that you could benefit from one. Let’s take a look at a few signs that you need to hire an IT consultant right now.

You’re Dealing with Fires Left and Right

Downtime can be one of the worst things you can deal with in any company. It could be caused by attacks or breaches, but it could simply be because you didn’t have the right version of a software. Or, maybe you had gaping vulnerabilities you weren’t aware of.

The beauty of working with a consultant is that they can be as involved or hands-off as you need them to be. You have outsourced IT consultants like HLB System Solutions that could help you with everything from a software update to server configuration, and help you manage your hardware’s lifecycle.

You Need Specialist Skills

You might be able to deal with minor issues from time to time, but sometimes, only an expert can help. And you may not have the resources on hand, either because they already have their hands full or they simply don’t have the expertise. This is when working with a consultant can help.

Even if you do have people in-house that are in charge of IT, there still may be some gaps in there. No matter how skilled your people are, it’s difficult to have all IT competencies internally. This is especially the case if you’re working with a different method, development language, or platform. With increased digitization and new solutions and methodologies being rolled out every year, we can expect this to happen more often.

A consultant allows you the flexibility needed to roll out new solutions without having to hire someone with that specific set of skills. They can also help update the people on your team so they can become more well-rounded.

You Need a Fresh Pair of Eyes

At their core, consultants are problem solvers. That’s what they’re trained to do. Maybe you identified an issue with your organization. You already got to the source of the problem, but you don’t know which solutions would be the best. In this case, a consultant will be able to come in with a different perspective and experience dealing with these kinds of cases. They will also have an objective opinion.

Hiring an IT consultant could be a great idea if you feel like you’re lacking the skills in-house to roll out new solutions. It’s also a good choice if you want you and your team to stay up to date with recent technologies.

3 Must-Have Security Gadgets for Mobile Devices

From trains and planes to coffee shops and cruise ships, we’ve got used to having access to the internet from almost anywhere in the world. The trouble is, it’s often too easy to forget just how vulnerable this can make us to security threats.

While internet security is much better than it used to be, there are still some things we need to do to make sure that we’re protected. For example, we should spend time making sure we only download safe and secure apps. There are also some brilliant security gadgets available to protect our mobile devices. Here’s a list of some of the most popular ones you can buy:

1.     Silent Pocket RFID Blockers

In most cases, pants and shirt pockets aren’t particularly good at blocking radio signals. This means that if you carry credit cards with embedded RFID chips in your pocket, then anyone with a scanner could access your card details without you even realizing it. And protecting your credit cards isn’t the only issue. Like the wireless RFID chips in credit cards, there are multiple wireless technologies built into our mobile phones: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

This is where Silent Pocket RFID Blockers come in handy. These products can block all different types of signals, meaning no-one can get access to your private information. They can be purchased in a range of designs, including wallets and mobile phone covers.

2.     Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3.0

Have you ever left your phone on the train or accidentally dropped it while traveling to a meeting? With the right skills and enough time, anyone who has access to your mobile device can hack into your information and files, even if this information is password protected. While many businesses choose to keep all their data backed up on an online storage service like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, many people worry that they aren’t yet secure enough to store sensitive data. This is why lots of people choose to use USB drives instead.

But what happens if you lose the USB drive? The good news is that if it’s an Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3.0 unless the hacker enters the correct code, there’s no chance of them accessing your secure data. You can create a code that is between 7 and 16 digits long and because this USB is unlocked before you insert it into your computer, there’s no chance of software of hardware-based keyloggers.

Talk to a provider like Iconic IT for more information on how to protect your data devices from hackers. They will discuss your needs, assess your network, and come up with a customized IT plan specific to your needs, timeline, and budget.

3.     VYSK EP1 Privacy Charging Case

The VYSK EP1 Privacy Charging Case is an iPhone case that aims to not only protect phones from being damaged but also stop data compromises. They come complete with hard shell protection and include a range of security features. For example, it includes a shutter that blocks the camera lens when not in use. This case also comes with a privacy app that encrypts text messages, photos, and videos.

Lots of people worry about the security of their mobile devices, particularly if they store personal or sensitive information on them. If you use your smartphone or mobile device for work or to store personal information, then why not try out some of the above gadgets. They will help you to ensure that all your important data is kept secure from cybercriminals.


Things You May Not Want to Do In-House in Your Company

Being self-sufficient is important for any business, especially smaller ones. But at some point, it becomes ineffective to continue doing certain things in-house if you want proper scalability. And then there are certain aspects of business operations that are best handled externally from the very beginning unless you have specific expertise in those areas. Outsourcing those things from the start and working with the right contractors can give your business a significant boost, and it’s something you should consider at the earliest opportunity.

Data Analysis

Gathering and analyzing data is one of the top priorities of many companies these days. The advance of modern analytical engines has opened the doors to significant progress in this regard. However, this is an area that requires significant experience in order to handle its problems adequately. It’s not just setting up a few data collection points and running everything through a Python script or an Excel sheet. It takes years to build up the right approach to these kinds of problems and to understand how to interpret the data you’re working with correctly. Save yourself the trouble and ensure that someone with the right level of experience is responsible for handling this.

Employee Conflict Resolution

Employee conflicts are unavoidable, no matter how much you might be striving for a non-toxic working environment. A big problem that many leaders fail to realize is that handling these issues internally can often make one side feel poorly represented. The internal politics of a company can always play a role in how those issues are approached and handled. That’s why working with an external contractor for these cases is the optimal choice. Plus, they will likely also have more experience under their belt than anyone you could handle in-house.

IT Support

Last but not least, a crucial factor in keeping things stable is how you handle your IT support. This is also something that takes time and effort to develop properly, so the best idea is often to outsource it to someone with sufficient experience. There are lots of great choices already available on the market, such as the Stronghold Services Corporation, who have been around long enough to know the field inside and out. This will also address the problem of scaling right from the start. Once your company starts growing and its requirements for IT support increase, you’ll be able to handle that with no extra effort on your side. You may not even have to negotiate a new contract, depending on which company you work with. Some of the IT support specialists on the market are well equipped for handling scaling issues.

Of course, there are also cases where the exact opposite approach is warranted. Certain aspects of business operations are best handled in-house, especially when it comes to sensitive matters involving proprietary knowledge. But in the end, the ability to tell one side from the other is one of the more important skills you can develop as a business leader. Make sure that you pay enough consideration to these situations, and don’t just go for the most obvious option without consulting everyone around you who’s also involved in the company’s leadership.

What is in a domain name?

It is impossible to overstate how much the right domain name matters. With more and more businesses starting and operating mostly or completely online, a domain name is a huge part of a company’s success.

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Branding and recognition

A domain name is the main way for your company to communicate its purpose. Customers see your domain name before they see your website, whether this is on business cards, promotional material, vehicles, or online search results. Your domain name should immediately communicate what your business does and perhaps where it is located. This matters for two reasons: you want relevant customers to choose your website over a competitor and you don’t want to waste your marketing budget paying for clicks from an irrelevant customer because your name gives the wrong impression.

This doesn’t mean that a domain name has to be completely functional and have no character. As the front window to your business, a good domain name should ideally communicate the organisation’s character; for example, has a very different feel to You have probably already thought through the values your company name communicates when you chose it, so this mostly gets tricky when the perfect domain name is already taken and you have to improvise.

Your TLD (top-level domain – the domain name ending, such as .com or .org) can help with tailoring your website. You can build in elements such as .shop or .local to customise your domain name, which in turn can help your SEO.

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How to buy a domain name

It is easy to buy domain name from specialists such as What’s more, you can usually search available domain names and try out a few different possibilities with different TLDs before you commit to a domain name.

This also offers you the opportunity to make sure your domain name stays distinctive by grabbing the same site name with a couple of different top-level domains. This means you are less likely to lose customers to a competitor with an almost identical name or put your customers at risk of online scams whereby they are tempted to enter their details on a site they think is yours.

While there is a lot to think about when choosing a domain name, the main thing to remember is that it should be a fun and creative experience!

How to turn off dark mode on chrome

Google introduced Chrome’s dark mode in version 74 of the web browser. Without a direct way to activate it, you could force yourself with the same solution that we used in the trial versions, as we saw in this practical article.

In Windows 10 and for users who had the dark mode activated in the operating system, Google has been implementing it in phases and many users have found it activated from one day to the next. Personally, I like it, but it’s not everyone’s opinion.

A good group of users has looked for their way back without finding it in a simple way. A Google product expert confirmed the problem: “Dark mode cannot be disabled in Chrome as it is a light / dark mode setting of the operating system. ” That is, if you keep one, you have to keep the other. Officially.

How to disable Chrome’s dark mode

In the same way that we forced the dark mode in Chrome when it was not yet supported in the stable version, we can also disable it. As follows:

  • Right-click on the browser icon on the desktop and access its properties.
  • Add the command  –disable-features=DarkModeto the application target.
  • Apply and restart Chrome.

This way you can keep the general dark mode of Windows 10 and disable it in Chrome. Of course, the ideal would be to have a separate control in Chrome (or other applications). We assume that it will be implemented in the future.

Chrome’s dark mode also works in Windows 7 with the trial versions and in the browser’s incognito mode on which many of the options in this dark mode are based. For Mac, it has already been enabled in Chrome 73 and it is expected to be directly enabled in a general way for all Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android users soon.

How to appear offline on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world, and in addition to allowing us to share our stories, photos, or comments on its wall, it has a messaging and chats service in which whenever we enter our account we appear as connected. If you want to be able to enter Facebook and no one sees you online. Follow this step guide in which we explain how to appear offline on Facebook.

The 9 Best Bluetooth adapter for tv of 2020

For a few years now, Bluetooth technology has appeared and has conquered all fans of high-tech devices. Thus, this allows two different devices to be paired so that they harmonize their data, for better ease of use. The Bluetooth tv adapter can convert a television and even other devices into a transmitter. In this way, it can be linked to your Smartphone, for example, to receive all the data coming from the latter. If this is the first time for you to acquire this type of equipment, you will need a comparison to make your task easier. In this one, you will discover some models that really stand out. You may find the one you are looking for. In particular, you can equip yourself with theAvantree Priva III Bluetooth 4.2 Transmitter Transmitter which shows impressive compatibility in addition to promising good sound quality. There is also the Weeygo Miracast AirPlay DLNA 2.4G WiFi Screen display dongle, ideal for portable use by its mini and very light design.

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