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The acquisition of a new Virtual Reality (VR) headset can be an exciting prospect, as it provides a gateway for immersive experiences in virtual worlds. However, once you pick up the controllers, you may notice an aberration - the controllers tend to drift. The controllers may move in VR, even when held completely still, making it challenging to enjoy virtual adventures. Controller drift is a prevalent issue, but it can be resolved by following some simple troubleshooting steps. As such, this piece aims to provide you with tips to get your controllers back in working order. By adhering to these guidelines, you can restore the magic of VR and enjoy the immersive experiences it has to offer.

At the Games Developer Conference 2015 in San Francisco, Sony has revealed many details about the new prototype of the viewer to the Virtual Reality Project Morpheus, modified based on user feedback.

The last few days seem to have been quite profitable for the emerging field of devices for the virtual reality that is being enriched with new ideas and projects, and it seems just to be the next focus of interest of consumer technology.

Here's Samsung Gear VR viewer for virtual reality, is shown in video

Although there piacerebe have a lot of other videos, Samsung Gear VR does not need much introduction thanks IFA in Berlin in 2014 , in fact, we know now that this is a new viewer for virtual reality that was presented in occasion of the announcement of Samsung Galaxy Note 4; The company, moreover, has set up an official website in which he presented in detail, without forgetting features and technical specifications.