.Klatz, A versatile wearable


.Klatz, A versatile wearable

We’re going to get tired of seeing devices that we put up, wearables, some coming from large firms, others looking excel thanks to some supposedly relevant novelty. In the second camp we can get to .klatz.

A wrist device, with some care in the design, and a curved screen which extends along the surface of the “bracelet”. To be different, try to be several things at once.

GadgetBesides being a notified of the things that happen in your phone, add dressing, and a good ally for athletes, .klatz wants to be also a way to talk on the phone:

The bracelet opens, leaving two distinct parts. In one of them would be the microphone on another handset. What would catch and would place on our face, as if it were a phone. Indeed, it is constructed of aluminum, and will be offered in four different sizes.

The display shows a lot of information provided in a format large items we can easily see, rather than a defined interface and recharged. At the bottom of the battery will placed with ten days of life with normal use. They promise to get to 30 days with an economical way.

I do not think anyone caught in surprise meeting another device requesting financial aid, in this case Indiegogo, where he hopes to collect $ 140,000. The goal is to get a product – in March – with a final price of $ 150 ($ 99 for those who initially help).