Google Gadget

When you give birth to any child your dream is to have a perfectly healthy baby who you can take home and care for.  Unfortunately, this dream doesn’t always come true, and babies are born who have disabilities, physical, behavioural or both!  Of course, as a parent you adapt to the situation quickly and love your child unreservedly, no matter what.  Once settled at home you will receive support and advice from many professionals and as your child grows, goes off to a special needs school and then maybe a supported work placement that support will continue. 

In the presentation of Google we saw something that we asked for months, Chromecast 2 update multimedia stick of Google, which made us interact our Android devices with our TV, which although it proved to be a good idea and was the best been a little late, much more when compared with the competition. So somehow his presence on stage was quite predictable, which does not expect it to come accompanied with a "brother" who would be responsible only appearance music.

In this final stretch of the year, and still leaving some technological official appointments, there is still room for surprises and releases outside these dates as expected, in the case of OnHub, how to understand and facilitate the WiFi signal at home. With a cylindrical shape and a look that looks great in any corner of the house, colors, blue or black, and a specification that promise to wireless quality and homogeneously in all corners of the house.

Asus and Google are collaborating on a new Chromebox, yes expensive but not too much, because you can manage meetings of up to twenty participants simultaneously; currently, the target market is the United States of America, but it is said that the device should be relegated only to the US: in fact, since the sector is to Enterprise / Business, we can assume no doubt the arrival in other markets. But let's go, and let's see how it works and how it is made ​​the new Google Chromebox.

Google is thrown on medicine and experiments contact lenses smart: today recognized the paternity of the patent by the USPTO.

Contact lenses smart Google, those that were simple contact lenses wireless, have become reality: not that before were only the rumors, those on their existence; but today we learned that the USPTO 'United States Patent and Trademark Office' has recognized the company's Mountain View authorship of the patent that describes the technology in question, which means, therefore, that the contact lenses smart Google may arrive early on the market ("soon" so to speak, since the approval of a patent does not mean of course the marketing of the product to which it refers). But let's take stock of this new technology.

The Google Glass are ready to take a ride on the space here is what will be used and who will accompany

The Google Glass are not out yet on Earth, yet already they are ready to get a ride on the space: a paradox, in short, but is justified in advertising campaigns "to Samsung," which - as you know - highlight the strengths of device, even in extreme conditions; think again: for an average consumer who does not know the Google Glass, will certainly be amazing - but it's also interesting for the more experienced, to tell the truth - that the new technology company in Mountain View has come to the Space Station International. Let's see all the details.

Will never see the light this virtual keypad made by Google for the real-time translation The project to which we refer was patented a few years ago, but still has leaked online and that's why I talk about it late, aware, however, that Google might have deserted him, to focus on other types of technology. We are talking about a virtual keypad - what you see in the picture opening - which enables the real-time translation between two parties. We need to see the operation.