Running a business is full of important decisions that need to be made. Some of these decisions will affect the way in which your business performs and your staff morale and other decisions could affect your customers. In some cases, there are key decisions that you need to make early on in your business journey to ensure that no issues arise with litigation and other legal issues. One such decision is how you ensure that the data that you hold on your customers, suppliers and employees are safe.

Living rurally is great – less traffic, noise and pollution, as well as being in the countryside are some of the reasons why rural life is so appealing to many. But there are differences in the way of life rurally, as there are not as many services as there are in the towns and cities.

You may have seen the increasingly alarming news that the country's East coast is slowly slipping into the sea. Whole coastal villages have been lost or risk further erosion by the burgeoning North Sea. For example, at one point, Happisburgh in Norfolk was over 20ft from the sea; it's now on the edge of a cliff face. In total, 35 homes have already been lost, and now 900 people risk an enforced removal. The problem for the people in these villages is that they cannot sell their homes. With no further government funding coming for sea protection, there is no other option but to leave the place, and others, to its fate.

A brief introduction to the world of Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, BattleTech, and Legion. The miniatures in these games are remarkably detailed, making them ideal for wargaming, but they don't just look cool; they also have an emotional impact on gameplay. Games Workshop has dominated the small game market for years, creating an expansive world with rich lore that spans millennia.