16 cheap gadgets but they give you a lot in exchange for your money

16 cheap gadgets but they give you a lot in exchange for your money

Although in the market we find devices of all prices, there are some so cheap that it does not cost us too much to make the decision to buy them. In gadget-live we have selected 16 devices, gadgets and accessories are worth more than they cost thanks to offering a great value for money. Surely there are more, so if you come up with one that should be on our list, you can leave it in the comments.

Headphones Redmi AirDotscheap gadgets

The Redmi AirDots (25 dollars ) are very attractive headphones from the point of view of price quality for those looking for helmets without wires to connect to the phone, tablet or another device via Bluetooth.

For approximately 22 dollars, these truly wireless helmets come with a case to store and charge them and sound moderately good. Its design is compact and ergonomic, fitting very well to the ears and offering tactile control on its surface. It is one of the best cheap gadgets in 2019.

Wi-Fi network extendercheap gadgets

One of the worst things that can happen to us at the level of connectivity in our home is that we have a router and a contracted internet rate that does not adequately reach certain parts of the house. In these cases, a simple and affordable solution is a Wi-Fi network extender like this Tp-Link (22 dollars). It is one of the best cheap gadgets in 2019.

We just have to plug it into a socket so that the intensity improves in that area. In addition, it also includes an AP mode to create an extra point if we need it. This particular model is compact, discreet and can reach speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

Waterproof case for mobilecheap gadgets

In summer it is common that many frequent beaches and swimming pools. And, although at this time of year we are urged to disconnect, the reality is that separating ourselves from the smartphone becomes quite complicated. If your phone is not water resistant or you are just cautious, a good idea is to get a waterproof mobile phone case.

This MPOW ( 14 dollars ) has IPX8 certification, fleet, allows you to use the phone even if it is inside and you can hang it around your neck at those times when you do not have pockets. Serves for smartphones up to 6.5 inches.

Intelligent speaker Google Home Minicheap gadgets

The Google Home Mini is one of the most compact affordable smart speakers we can find in the market ( 59 dollars ).

Despite this, it offers the same functionality as its older brothers when it comes to Google’s extensive ecosystem through Google Assistant. In fact, its main difference with Google Home is in the quality of sound.

Tripod for mobilecheap gadgets

More and more we leave the camera at home and take advantage of the increasing quality of the optics of smartphones to take photographs and videos in our day today. If this is your case, this mobile accessory that costs very little can make a difference in your next photos. It is one of the best cheap gadgets in 2019.

And is that although smartphones have a timer, if we want to take a picture in which we leave, or resort to the timer and framed by eye, or we ask someone. One way to control the process is to use a tripod for mobile ( 12 dollars ) like this, which in addition to stabilizing it, has a remote control to shoot.

Amazon Fire Stick Basic Editioncheap gadgets

One of the simplest and most affordable solutions to convert any television – with HDMI port – into a smart TV with an intuitive interface like the one offered by Amazon, so that we can access services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Movistar + and many others applications and games. We can also surf the internet through your browser. One of the strengths of this stick is that it includes a remote control, so we do not require a smartphone to operate it.

Sony SRScheap gadgets

In addition to replacing the camera, the smartphone has also become the music player of many users, either through headphones or boosted with a speaker like this Sony ( 44 dollars ). It is one of the best cheap gadgets in 2019.

Despite its small size, the Sony SRS is a Bluetooth speaker that offers very good sound quality, something that can be useful for both the smartphone and a tablet. Its autonomy is 16 hours according to the manufacturer and integrates a 46 mm transducer. Available in various colors.

AUKEY plug-charger-concentrator

With so many gadgets it is common that sometimes we lack plugs or adapters with good loading speed. One solution is this plug-charger-concentrator AUKEY ( 23dollars ), which comes with 4 USB ports that can charge up to 5V and 2.4A, although they adapt to the specifications of the device we connect.

Powercube Thief

But, what happens if what we want to connect does not have USB? In these cases, we can choose a Powercube compact strip ( 12 dollars ), a small thief that allows us to connect up to 5 electrical appliances.

The good thing is that it has a cube shape, a very compact shape that occupies little space but that gives good benefits for its disposition. Of course, we will have to have space to embed the 5 plugs.

Xiaomi Mi band 4 activity wristbandcheap gadgets

The Xiaomi activity wristband is a classic in this article and yes, also the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a very interesting gadget for what it offers at that price.

The fourth generation of this wearable from Xiaomi integrates an AMOLED color screen of 0.95 “, provides a range of 20 days (according to Xiaomi) and has been vitaminized when measuring our sports and daily activity. in Spain officially, but in China, we find it for about 25 dollars.

Powerbank POWERADDcheap gadgets

An external battery for the mobile is one of those musts for those who live permanently attentive to the screen. This POWERADD ( 27 dollars ) is robust, compact, with good design and versatile.

With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, enough to charge most phones almost 2 times and outputs USB-C (5V / 3A), USB (5V / 3A) and wireless using a pad that uses the Qi standard (5V / 1A), we can load up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Avantree cable ties

A very interesting accessory for everyday life is this Avantree cable tie ( 10 dollars ), something very simple but that helps to keep the workspace organized, fixing the computer cables, chargers, lamps, etc. on the side of the desk. Adheres to walls or surfaces. It is one of the best cheap gadgets in 2019.

Wireless car charger Minibatt

Nowadays, the current cars – or alternatively, the radios – integrate a USB port from which to charge the mobile. And in the case that the car is older, you can always resort to lighter chargers or Bluetooth receivers.

Another alternative if your phone has wireless charging is to use a Qi charger like Minibatt ( 28 dollars ) for the car, so to power your battery you just have to deposit it on top. Load up to 10W.

Universal phone support UGREEN

Another feature present in most current cars is a screen that allows us to access the radio or connect to the phone to access streaming music services or make and answer calls.

However, in some cases, we still need to have the phone in sight, for example for the browser. If this is your case, this simple UGREEN phone support ( 10 dollars ) is placed in the ventilation grilles and is universal. Insert and remove the phone is easy and fast and the terminal is fixed.

SSD Kingstoncheap gadgets

One of the ways to recover the speed of a slow computer is by renewing certain hardware components. Updating elements is not always easy, but if there is one whose replacement is noted and does not require too much effort is to go from an HDD to an SSD. It is one of the best cheap gadgets in 2019.

True, SSDs are noticeably more expensive than traditional hard drives, but their advantages are evident from the point of view of speed. This Kingston SSD of 240 GB ( 35 dollars ) is very interesting for its good value for money, it is also available in several capacities.

Intelligent plug Teckin

Within the home automation, we find some simple and moderately economic elements, but very useful in our day to day, we refer to the smart plugs.

This pack of 2 Teckin plugs (28 dollars ) is connected via Wi-Fi and monitors consumption, allows you to program the operation and is controlled from the mobile, as well as with voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.