Headphones Tag

They carry a signature which enjoys great fame and lend themselves to a gift to put under the Christmas tree. A temptation to cut sports.

Spectrum One headphones are Tonino Lamborghini, who are looking for a clientele with a strong personality. Also in the field of audio accessories , branded products can make a difference, especially if the label binds to a creative flair offered with content of a certain level.

Sometimes the technological universe is allowed marriages of high media value, for the appeal of signatures called into question. Today we have a confirmation.

Hello Kitty celebrates its fortieth birthday with a special collection of headphones developed with the collaboration of Beats by Dr. Dre, maison audio sponsored by rapper Dr. Dre and the managing director of the record label Interscope-Geffen-A & M Jimmy Iovine.

With Christmas approaching 2014 is perhaps appropriate to begin to take a look at possible gifts hi-tech, maybe designer, period. In the catalog of the Ferrari Store there are several gadgets that lend themselves to the choice for a cadeau signed, maybe to do or what to do on the occasion of Christmas 2014 , now more and more close to the horizon. Among the options we chose the headphones T250 On Ear leather, inspired by the excellence of craftsmanship GT cars. The name gives a figure that fills the hearts of fans of emotions.

In the rich collection of novelties brought by the Dutch house at the salon German technology, there are different headphones, offers the temptation of potential buyers.

IFA 2014 in Berlin, which will run until September 10, is putting on display a wide assortment of novelty in the field of hi-tech. Among the extensive range of exhibitors at the German festival, an area of great importance is touching Philips, present with several innovations, including in the field of audio.