21 Ways to Save your Battery on iOS 8

21 Ways to Save your Battery on iOS 8

Congratulations on your brand-new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. Perhaps you’ve upgraded your old iPhone because you just can’t stand to part with it, and you’re loving all the new features. Unfortunately, you might also notice that your battery is struggling under the weight of the new features, and you want to take steps to correct it. but it seemsĀ liGo.co.ukĀ have some tips to maximize battery life, however.

Screen Usage

While a large screen means that movies and games look more amazing than ever, it also sucks up battery juice. Of course, you want to look at your phone, so the easiest way to save battery life is to dim the screen. The brighter your screen setting, the more quickly your battery will drain. Secondly, you can disable your screen more quickly to save battery life.

App Syncing

It might be convenient for you to sync Facebook and Twitter in the background or to allow apps to send you push notifications, but this will also drain your battery. This is especially true if you’re in an area without WiFi and the cell network is shoddy. Disable syncing or choose a slower refresh period. After all, do you really need to check Facebook every 30 seconds? Life won’t end if you don’t receive an update about your Zombie Cafe, either.

In short:

Disable syncing for social networking, email and chat apps
Uninstall apps you no longer use
Manually updating your apps. This also also means you will use less cell data, which can help to cut your bill.
Turn off app refresh in the background.

Connectivity and Battery Level

Any hardware in your phone that broadcasts and receives information is a radio. There’s a WiFi radio and a radio for your network (3G/4G) connection. Bluetooth and NFC also come with their own radios. That hardware can run down a battery when it’s operating in the background, and you probably don’t need it on all the time.

Maximize battery life by killing these connections:

When you’re within range of a wireless network, disable your 3G/4G cell radio.
Turn off WiFi when you’re out and about.
Disable Bluetooth whenever it’s not in use.
Turn off location services if you’re not using GPS.

Enabling airplane mode will drastically reduce battery usage and can prevent your phone from dying when the battery charge is in the single digits. Plus, it will enable your phone to charge faster.

Siri and Battery

There’s sad news for Siri users. It might be convenient for you to simply be able to to call her up without having to look at your phone, but this means your digital assistant is constantly scanning for your voice. You’re right if you guessed that this drains your battery. Disable Siri’s Raise to Speak feature.

Miscellaneous Ways to Maximize Battery Life

Your iPhone’s battery may experience drain because of constant vibration, so turn off vibration for calls, texts and Facebook messages. Any app that uses vibration for alerts also contributes that, so don’t forget about games that vibrate, too.

The last tip we have might be the most difficult. It’s the constant checking of your phone that makes those bars disappear like magic. Learning to cut the apron strings from your beloved iPhone will go a long way when it comes to preserving battery life.