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Fog machines are common devices at parties, celebrations, or shows. This wide utility makes it, depending on its technical possibilities, required for events as diverse as birthdays, Halloween parties, school functions, or large concerts. As is evident, this is not an article essentially oriented towards the domestic sphere. But it is an option to take into account for, in addition to leisure, improving small functions in schools. Video clips that are so easy to do today through smartphones, amateur theater pieces, or concerts in small venues, to give a few examples.

The TimeWarp is one of the latest methods introduced in the new GoPro, from HERO7 Black onwards and also available on GoPro MAX. The peculiarity of this effect is that we get. As a final result, a perfectly stabilised moving timelapse, thus saving a lot of time in post-production. But let's start from the beginning and understand how TimeWarp GoPro works.

Your mobile phone battery is flat and you can't recharge it by connecting it to its wall charger? I understand! With the intense use of mobile phones nowadays, the battery charge is often not covered a whole day. It means that when you are not at home or in the office, you risk being "on foot" and to see your smartphone turn off without being able to remedy the situation.

The electric bell, which was invented in the 19th century by scientist Joseph Henry, became popular with wealthy families decades later. Those melodies that accompanied pressing a switch did not leave anyone indifferent and today most homes have one. Today we share some best wireless doorbells. But technological advances today offer wireless models for shops, offices, farms, single-family homes or warehouses. Although its use has spread and some people use it when it is needed, for example, the attention of a caretaker or a waiter.

The domestic wifi amplifiers allow improving the Internet connection in all areas of a home. We tell you which is best. Currently, most of us have hired internet access in our home. However, depending on where our home is located, the connected devices and the contracted service, Internet access may fail. Wifi amplifiers solve this problem. To have unlimited access to the Internet in our homes, the most economical and effective way is to contract it through an operator. This service provides a wireless signal, valid to be used between 3 or 4 people simultaneously and with a minimum browsing speed. But depending on where the signal emitting router is installed, there may be points in our house where we need a high signal, and the intensity that reaches us is not enough to enjoy the service in comfort. To solve this problem, there are so-called wifi amplifiers.