10 gadgets for your baby if you’re a tech dad or mom

10 gadgets for your baby if you’re a tech dad or mom

Looking for gadgets for your baby? If you are a technological mom or dad, you will not be able to resist any of these inventions

If you love technology and you have just become a father or mother, it is very likely that you are one of those who seeks without stopping the best invention to solve the small problems of everyday life. Maybe the best camera to monitor the baby while he sleeps? A vault of colorful stars with relaxing music? What if you could get a spoon that tells you if the temperature of the porridge is too high?

They are inventions that exist and that you can find in any online store. All have a technological component that makes them interesting and, above all, makes things much easier for us. Next, we present 10 interesting gadgets for dads and technology moms.

10 Gadgets for your baby


There is nothing that gives us more peace of mind than being able to see our baby sleeping peacefully through the camera. And know, in addition, that at any time that he cries or complains we will listen to him. That’s what gadgets like the TP-Link NC260 are for. It is a WiFi camera day and night in HD, which will allow us to monitor the status of our baby at any time.

It is a system that provides us with high-quality HD video on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It consists of night vision (ideal for nights), two-way audio (so we can communicate with the baby and can hear our voice before we go for it), sound and movement detection with instant notifications and card storage SD.

Best of all is that when our babies are older, we can continue using this system, to be aware of the children while playing in their room, take care of elderly people or have the house monitored while we are away. The TP-Link NC260 costs 85 dollars.


What are you going to start with the porridge? Well, in addition to making them very rich, you will also have to take care of something else: that they are at the ideal temperature. It will be something that you will check infinity of times so that your baby does not burn. If you do not want to be tasting the puree every two times, you have another interesting solution: spoons with temperature control. It is one of the coolest tech gadgets

They are so useful that (I guarantee you) you can not stop using them. These from Munchkin have a patented technology, called White Hot, which causes the tip of the spoon to turn white when the food is at a temperature of 43.3 degrees or higher. They are also very cheap: you can get four for just 7 dollars.

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While your baby is a baby, you will have to go to your room many times at night. What if you have a little cough if you are hungry if you need a diaper change … The nights are long, so it is best to prepare. To not be all the time to turn on and off the lights of the room, which can also be very annoying and unveil the baby, it is convenient to always have lit a small light company or guardrails.

This BRUNOKO rabbit is available in different colors. It is made of silicone, so it is soft and not dangerous if the baby wanted to touch it. It is a good option to create a pleasant atmosphere. It works with remote control and consists of a rechargeable battery, with the capacity to operate up to 12 hours. BRUNOKO costs 22 dollars.


During the first year of the baby’s life, you may need to heat many bottles. If you breastfeed, you may sometimes have to thaw your own milk, to give it to the child at any time. That’s why it’s important to have a portable bottle warmer. It can be one for the home, but make sure you have an adapter for the car.

Yes, it is a super simple gadget, but it will get you out of more than one hurry. In the market, you can find many similar options, but this Chicco model is a good proposal. It costs 35 dollars.


We have tried it and it is one of the best inventions that we have taken the most advantage of in the upbringing of our daughter. It is a simple baby monitor, in the sense that there are other proposals more expensive, but it has everything you need to be calm while your offspring rests. It is one of the coolest tech gadgets.

It consists of a color screen of 8.8 centimeters (3.5 inches), with intercom and vibration mode. It also includes lullabies, night light, and temperature control. Unlike other devices, this Philips baby monitor will allow you to talk to your baby from another room, which will undoubtedly help to reassure you. The Philips Avent SCD630 / 01 costs 175 dollars.


If there is something that really reassures babies, it is movement. Although there are always exceptions, the rattle of the car is one of the best lullabies. In fact, if you are a father or mother, surely you always have the habit of being in motion. It does not matter if you have the baby in your arms or if you are in the stroller.

But what happens if your hands are busy and you need to rock the baby at the same time? The LolaLoo automatic rocking chair is a super original gadget that can be installed in the baby’s crib or stroller to start a movement that will leave your KO offspring. LolaLoo’s automatic rocking chair costs almost $234.


It is important that when you have the baby and start to take it in the car, install a baby tag on board. What you can do is add a sticker on the rear window of the car or, for more security, opt for this luminous device. We thought it was a great idea to warn other drivers of the presence of children.

All you have to do is install the triangle with LEDs with a silicone adhesive. This is connected to a mat in the baby’s seat, so when the system detects the baby’s weight, the device lights up instantly. This brightly lit baby sign costs $58.


Babies are born with very long and sharp nails, but they are so soft that it is not possible to cut them as we would with an older child or an adult. The only thing we can do so that they do not harm themselves without wanting to is to use them. And Buzz is an ideal gadget to do it.

It works by vibration and is especially suitable for newborns and small children up to two years. It includes four discs with different textures, which are distinguished by colors: pink (from 0 to 3 months), blue (from 3 to 6 months), green (from 6 to 12 months) and orange (more than 12 months), and two power levels. The Buzz costs $51.


Music and relaxing lights can help babies fall asleep. They also serve to stimulate them, so they are a very good option to install in the room. The effects they produce are spectacular and the truth is that to achieve them it is not necessary to spend too much money.

This one from PABOBO, for example, works with low consumption LED bulbs that project moons and stars on the roof in blue, green and orange. It is portable, runs wirelessly and automatically shuts off after 45 minutes. It costs 35 $.


The little ones get sick too many times during their first years of life. Your immune system is still very fragile, so be prepared. This Wishbone thermometer can be connected to the mobile and record the temperature of the small one in just two seconds. It is one of the coolest tech gadgets for baby health.

It is very useful to take the baby’s temperature without waking him up and in addition, he can synchronize the measurements made in the mobile. The Wishbone infrared thermometer costs 46$.

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