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Why would you need to know how to redirect a URL in WordPress? Because at some point you will need them to not lose positioning and improve the user experience. Sooner or later it may happen that you delete a page or article that you had published. It can also happen that you want to change the slug of an entry because you thought it would improve the reading of the URL.

Recording a phone call is an activity that can be very useful, especially if you want to have proof of a conversation. Or to listen to messages that interest us. However, when you hear about recording phone calls, you immediately think about the recordings made from smartphones, with mobile devices often equipped with a unique system function to save the most interesting conversations.

There are many exciting and fulfilling careers to consider, whether you are just graduating from college or trying to make a move from your current profession to something new. There's no need to take a boring job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and uninterested. The list of unusual and distinctive jobs is longer than ever. Consider the following career fields when looking for fresh opportunities.

Hearing around cases of identity theft and privacy attacks, it is always a good idea to encrypt an internet connection to browse without risk. On both Windows, macOS, Ubuntu / Linux, iOS, and Android, it is necessary to encrypt the data that circulates from your local network to the web. To do all this, to date, it is not necessary to be an expert in cryptography. Just use a VPN.