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Big news for Meizu, Xiaomi who is preparing to fight with new interesting accessories

Meizu prepares to surprise the market on June 2 this year: in addition to presenting a new smartphone, namely the successor Meizu M1 notes, we know today as the Blue Charm Note 2 is expected to launch products that will put directly in competition with the fearsome Xiaomi; talk, to be exact, a Power Bank , a WiFi router, a fan and a smartwatch that could prove even a smartband in short, for fans of Chinese products - but quality - the surprises will not be at all a few. We take stock of the situation.

We have known that Apple devices are the safest on the market, not only to cyber attacks but also in the front line is in the physical world, or in other words, they are safe to lovers gossiping. After Apple released iOS 7, a device that had an apple would be protected by something called Activation Lock, which keeps your data and your phone safe even if subjected to a restoration of software causing the computer becomes virtually a beautiful paperweight and have to be returned to the owner who alone would be able to unlock it.

EDF Watch is an interesting project. This clock can change its design with a touch of hands. The intervention can create a range of combinations.

Watch The EDF is not a smartwatch, but a clock modeled around the body of the people, as products of wearable technologies. In this case it extends the user's sensory abilities and provides technological assistance, but with an input meets an emotional need wearer's wrist, which can adapt to the tastes of the moment or his state of mind, at least in terms look.

Intel and the newly acquired producer of electronic gadgets Science Basis, are preparing to launch a new wearable accessory. Intel Basis Peak is a fitness tracker with sensor for heart rate and provide certain features such as those of the smartwatch.

We begin to forward us in the autumn and the winter holidays are getting closer. This period is typically one of the most profitable for the various manufacturers of consumer electronics that aim to increase sales thanks to the races for gifts.

They leaked on the net a few new images that portray a close the first smartwatch by Alcatel. The gadget, which will be called Alcatel OneTouch Wave, has a round shape reminiscent of the Motorola Moto 360° and will be compatible with Android and iOS.

The term "smartwatch" is without a doubt one of the most repeated words in the context of consumer technology over the course of the last year thanks to the number of products launched under this epithet if not for the interest that this kind of devices are able to recall.

Wisely Garmin tip its products even outside the world of GPS navigators now in decline, to devote much attention to the fitness tracker.

Garmin is particularly strong in this period, partly because the field of satellite navigation esattametne is not intended to find a possible growth. From the world leader in GPS, in short, Garmin has evolved into sports and fitness tracker tracker, and his new Garmin vivosmart is an even more advanced, which draws on the technology of its smartwatch. The brand is good: the competition is very strong in this environment.

Samsung S Gear Swarovski Edition will be presented at IFA in Berlin in 2014 together with the standard version

Here comes the Swarovski Edition for Samsung S Gear and certainly more than one woman will be pleased: the photo, in fact, shows a clock far from inelegant, and you can not say too much nerd and therefore poorly suited to the female audience - forgiven cliches -: in the end, it is a phone that will mount Tizen and that, as Samsung Gear Only, will be equipped with SIM.

Asus anticipates its press conference at IFA in Berlin with a new teaser. The sketches show the possible promotional represented in the design of the smartwatch with curved display.

The new presentations, the outputs and the various items on smartwatch make up what is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics this year. It is therefore natural to think that during the edition of 2014 IFA Berlin the various types of wearable gadgets, including precisely the smartwatch, will have a rather important role and prominent.