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The Google Glass are ready to take a ride on the space here is what will be used and who will accompany

The Google Glass are not out yet on Earth, yet already they are ready to get a ride on the space: a paradox, in short, but is justified in advertising campaigns "to Samsung," which - as you know - highlight the strengths of device, even in extreme conditions; think again: for an average consumer who does not know the Google Glass, will certainly be amazing - but it's also interesting for the more experienced, to tell the truth - that the new technology company in Mountain View has come to the Space Station International. Let's see all the details.

No major company in this electronics consume who wants to be out of the game of wearables. Although it makes sense to get in easier to move like watches or bracelets land, Toshiba also dares with glasses.

Here the reference is clear, Google Goggles, which are also quite a complicated device clone, not the hardware used, but for the services and relations with Android, the search engine company may raise.

In Florida have shown that driving with the Google Glass is as dangerous as doing it with smartphones and tablets on hand

The experiment was carried out by a team of researchers at the University of Central Florida and was intended to test how dangerous the Google Glass for driving compared to smartphones and tablets. No difference: scholars have shown that carrying out any activity with Google Goggles is risky at the same level of any activity carried out with tablets and phones.

Google Glass chess on arriving here you Chess for Glass

If you Google Glass holders, but we doubt it, given the latest involving Mediaworld, you can start playing even chess: not that the glasses have been studied for applications and games of the genre - it certainly imagine - but it is however, something more, something that will be very much appreciated - we are sure - by lovers of the game.

The Google Glass ready to change appearance slightly? According to a new patent, seems so

Google has not announced any change, but, as with many other devices, including the Google Glass to count are the facts and not the official announcements: the USPTO, known patent office has filed a new document related to the design of the glasses of the company. The entire photo gallery is available by consulting the link to the source and highlights, provided that the Mountain View company is interested to make the patent reality glasses similar to the model that we all know, though different in some points.