Protect your smartphone data: 11 Samsung tips

Protect your smartphone data: 11 Samsung tips

Smartphones have become our companions of everyday life and turn out to be a treasure trove of personal information and sensitive data: Samsung offers 11 simple Samsung tips and tricks to keep our privacy safe from prying hands and eyes.

The smartphone turns out to be the technological gadget most loved by Italians: 62%, or 6 Italians out of 10. Prefer it to other devices and make regular and daily use, both for work and personal issues.

Just consider a moment: we use the smartphone to send work emails. But it is also our personal agenda that contains reminders, important appointments, and reminders, as well as the phonebook full of telephone numbers, passwords, contacts of friends and relatives. But we also use the smartphone to go shopping, to access internet banking or to use it as a tool to track our physical activity.

In short, the smartphone says a lot about us, reflecting our daily activities. Which is why it turns out to be a precious loot of information for criminals.

Smartphones are at risk for viruses

Despite the widespread use of smartphones, 87% of Italians ignore the real danger of exposing these data to potential virus attacks.

This is what emerged from Samsung’s Trend Radar study, which last April monitored the online activities of 1500 Italians aged between 18 and 65: the result is that on social networks, blogs, but also in forums and Italians do not give adequate attention to their data.

The reason why it was necessary to remember the good rules that allow you to safeguard your privacy through a correct and conscious use of the smartphone.

11 Samsung tips to protect your smartphone

It starts with the simplest protection of the device through codes and blocks, through the utility of remote control, for the importance of updating the devices and finally concluding with the basic rules of protection.

So here’s what you need to do to keep your smartphone safe in a handy list of 11 points.

Codes and blocksSamsung tips

# 1 Set a screen lock that allows only the legitimate owner to unlock the smartphone. And then access the information it contains. Reading the fingerprint, iris scan or password are suitable for this purpose.

# 2 Activate the PIN code of the SIM card, which can be changed to four custom digits since the SIM card contains important information.

# 3 Use encryption encrypting smartphone data, which translates into a simple unlock code to be inserted only when the device is turned on. Naturally different from the screen unlock code. This Samsung tips will help you to secure your phone.

Remote controlSamsung tips

Samsung continues, then, with the activation of remote control:

# 4 Set up the remote control. Because in situations of theft or loss this function could be the ideal solution to locate the smartphone or to lock the phone. And therefore prevent access to all the data it contains. This Samsung tips will help you to control your phone. Keep reading- 5 WAYS SPAMHOUND CAN SAVE YOUR PHONE

Update and securitySamsung tips

Updating is also essential:

# 5 Keeping the device updated to the latest version of the firmware available is not optional. Because updates often allow you to solve dangerous security bugs.

# 6 Always contact official App Stores recognized as Play Store, App Store or Galaxy Apps. Which contain secure and controlled applications.

# 7 Check the permissions required by the app each time you download a new application. Checking whether they are necessary for the operation of the app itself or not. This Samsung tips will help you to secure your phone.

ProtectionSamsung tips

The final part of Samsung’s list of recommendations provides the most basic information security rules:

# 8 Pay attention to any attempts at online scams. Checking if the requests for personal information are really started from a specific entity or if it is a phishing attempt.

# 9 Also install the antivirus on your smartphone. Since not only computers need this type of protection software, But also – and now above all – smartphones.

# 10 Add additional protection to online payments such as fingerprint recognition or iris scanning.

# 11 Always reset the device before selling it to others: in this way the factory conditions will be restored. And the personal data of the first owner will be completely erased. This Samsung tips will help you to secure and protect your phone.

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