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Good technical specifications for the new Tablet Lenovo Yoga 2: here's what you need to know on the tablets of the company

If you are looking for a good tablet, maybe the new Lenovo Yoga tablet 2 8 and 10 inch may be for you: as you will see, the data-sheet is pretty good, especially if you consider that the price is far from inaccessible ; the 8-inch model is in fact sold at $ 249, while the 10.1 only comes to 50 dollars more: we were in you, in short, we would do a little thought, especially at Christmas, when the offers and promotions will be on the day.

Plaster products are important construction equipment that is required for developing as well as repairing buildings. Among these plaster products; Columbia Tools are very popular among the workers as they are used in the dispensing of chemicals and taping. These tools are designed using the latest precision engineering techniques which help the workers in completing their construction work quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, such tools are durable as well and once purchased can be used for years. This is the reason why these tools are very much in demand and people everywhere are looking to buy them. However, it is important that following things are considered when buying these tools.

Wear a hat trick is probably the kit augmented reality craziest we've seen since the days of the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

Augmented Reality on the cheap? According to the inventor of Hattrick Wear you can do. Just do not get cervical problems ... Why the trick is to place your smartphone in a kind of special hat, complete with a prism in a HUD that transfers the contents of your touch screen.

This kind of helmet is made like a baseball cap, and is poised to not to fall over his eyes. The user can continue to use the phone using the gesture (i.e. gesturing in the air), voice control, or simply with a remote control (which is part of the kit).

Intel and the newly acquired producer of electronic gadgets Science Basis, are preparing to launch a new wearable accessory. Intel Basis Peak is a fitness tracker with sensor for heart rate and provide certain features such as those of the smartwatch.

We begin to forward us in the autumn and the winter holidays are getting closer. This period is typically one of the most profitable for the various manufacturers of consumer electronics that aim to increase sales thanks to the races for gifts.

Huawei has officially introduced into the market the new Huawei Honor Tablet, a low-end Android device with 8-inch display and unibody aluminum chassis able to make calls and send SMS.

With the passage of time, the various manufacturers of consumer technology have increasingly accustomed to the presence of display design, hybrid or simply borrow some features or functionality from their closest cousins.

The rumor had skipped days ago with the emergence of leaked advertisements that look and specifications of the GoPro Hero4. The action camera is offered in two versions, Black and Silver, which we will have to decide for the two major developments in the camera.

One of the important points that were ahead, is confirmed, the new action camera is capable of recording 4K video at 30 frames per second. But it is a feature that remains in the Black model.