Sound Box Portable Rechargeable GBC

Sound Box Portable Rechargeable GBC

It ‘an instrument suitable for Halloween, but it was created to scare people with claims related to noise zombies, witches and vampires. Just as well.

Today we look at the Box portable audio GBC, powered by rechargeable 12 V DC / 4 A. This allows freedom of placement both in open habitats than in closed.

GadgetEven at home, you can put in the favorite spot, without having to worry about the proximity of electrical outlets: a secure comfort not only when you want to hide to haunt the Halloween party, with creaking, footsteps and other scary special effects of which are certainly not an admirer. Besides, I do not like this either party with an exotic name, but I think I’m a pretty isolated case.

Whatever the use, the device promises a decent level of musical quality, to the delight of those who love organizing parties and events improvised or not to have complicated equipment and professional, as in the case of certain parties put to good standing.

The Box portable audio GBC aims to make attractive all sound frequencies, allowing for a pleasant enjoyment of the compositions. Outputs USB and SD open their doors to MP3 tracks: just load your own music on a memory card or a USB device with output and that’s it.

The suggested retail price for this device impact-resistant plastic, compact, touch portion 199 EUR.

Technical pills

  • Continuous Power RMS 40W
  • Maximum power 80W
  • Rapport signal / noise ratio (SNR)> 105 dB
  • Distortion 0.1%
  • Dual power source: rechargeable 12V DC / 4A 230Vac 50Hz
  • Controls: volume and mic-line / MP3, treble, bass, keyboard, MP3 player, power switch
  • Frequency response 65-20.000Hz
  • Two inputs: 1 x microphone (6.3mm jack), 1x line (stereo RCA)
  • Input Impedance: 600 Ohm microphone, line 20 kOhm
  • Sensitivity: -36dBV microphone, line 4dBV
  • Level Inputs: microphone and line 22 dBV
  • Crossover Frequency 5,5KHz
  • Woofer diameter 200mm (8 “): 830g magnet, coil diameter 38mm
  • Tweeter Compression: 357g magnet, coil diameter 25mm