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Pioneer W10 is a pretty good tablet and Windows: here are the technical specifications

Pioneer W10 was unveiled recently and, having not been able to use, it seems a really good tablet, good both from the technical point of view you will see that the card has some notable strengths both from the economic point of view; its quality / price ratio, in fact, is convincing: the price of the tablet is $ 289, which, in case the device were to arrive, would come to more than 300 with the various expenses that add more and in cases like these.

Here are all the hallmarks of Ramos i9s Pro, a tablet that might appeal to many, if only arrived here ...

Ramos i9S Pro is a tablet that is cheap and allows you to switch between Android and Windows; it is, therefore, a tablet that might like it more than anyone, since there are many devices that allow you to change the operating system.

Synaptics has just officially announced its new product SecurePad Synaptics, a scanner for detecting fingerprints, built in trackpad, promises to bring a secure laptop inside the end consumer.

Scanners for fingerprints are not nearly as an emerging technology, but rather a technical characteristic whose position, in the last year, has been consolidated within the high-end electronic devices - we saw them in some smartphones Samsung and in 'iPhone 5S.

We are now contaminated by technology, of which we can not do without, even where until recently we used to do it without problems in his absence. And 'the sign of progress, which sometimes leads of "vices" additional.

Our inclination towards all that is technological, leads us to live with curiosity landing on the market of any proposed smart. Today we are the smart Pluggage Delsey suitcase, fruit of the innovative spirit of a company that has a long tradition in the field of travel accessories.

Two former Google employees create the Beep, a system to transmit to all speakers of the fantastic world music via streaming, and is now ready to be shipped.

We had already talked about Beep in February, when he was still little more than a project. This is the idea of ​​two former Google employees, a controller rather cheap and efficient way to control the volume and music playback widespread stream in our house. Beep Connect to the Internet and to your stereo, and can reproduce 20 million songs Spotify (and Pandora if you're in the US) without making another effort.

A tablet for children really nice, this Happy Tab studied by Chicco

What we present today is a tablet for children, whose name, Happy Tab, recalls indisputably the target audience, as it happens, moreover, for all the other tablets of this kind, of which we told you about some time ago . Our Happy Tab is made ​​from bean and is designed for children who are aged between eighteen and the thirty months along with Reply, a company specializing in the creation of new products based on new communication channels and digital media, is Chicco managed to do a good job with Android.

Check the PC is also possible without mouse and touchpad: here comes Flow Today we present a gadget that will undoubtedly like to holders of a personal computer: the device in question, in fact, is called Flow and is able to connect to the desktop or laptop PC, to be programmed and enable you to communicate with the device only through gestures: no mouse and no other hardware, in short, except that this circle, however, compatible with a large number of applications (we talk about Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Premiere, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube).