Kickstarter eliminates Anonabox for breaking the rules


Kickstarter eliminates Anonabox for breaking the rules

Seen and unseen. Earlier this week we talked about Anonabox, a promising draft router anonymous surfing in a matter of hours had gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars. All went well until researching some users began to discover irregularities.

GadgetMaterials that were not hers, it was not clear to which providers they worked security flaws … In the end the suspicions were confirmed: it was not a creation Anonabox 100% free and breaking the rules of Kickstarter, administrators have decided to fulminate router platform and return the money to those who invested in it.

Anonabox ends

As you know, August Germar (founder Anonabox) claimed that his router was an original creation from scratch in both the housing and the design of the plate and the Tor software used to encrypt connections. However, the Internet has extracted colors and proved that it was a lie: he was just a scrapped Chinese router and mounted on another chassis.

Success has lasted them little and failure helps us to reflect on the crowdfunding as a tool for economic cooperation and the risks to invest in projects that even if they seem honest and genuine end up being a lie. It’s not the first time this happens , and at least users have been able to have your money back, $ 600,000 is no joke.