Electronic Gadget

The Theatre Box is a single box with its speaker is able to create the illusion of surround sound. And to think that it is a portable, self-powered and the price is not impossible!

The sound in 3D is one of those modern spells that are not easily describable in words, and the idea of ​​being able to generate this kind of surround sound with a single case is even more extraordinary. Yet the Theatre Box Acemile is able to do it for us, without a careful setup of the cases and especially without the makeup functions in one place.

Panasonic Rulo is really a good robot to clean house: shame about the price ... Today we present a robot really useful to clean house it was made ​​by Panasonic and has the characteristic of having a form different from what we expect: Panasonic Rulo, in fact, is triangular and quadrangular, as happens in many other cases; you know, in fact, that for years the manufacturers sell robots by quadrangular, which has the distinct disadvantage of not allowing the cleaning of corners and tight spaces.

New rumors suggest that Microsoft HoloLens, the viewer Windows Holograms dedicated to the project, will be equipped with the next-generation chip Intel Atom Cherry Trail.

Just under a week ago Microsoft hosted an event through which was presented the new operating system Windows 10, which will probably be launched in the second half of 2015.

Today we have them unpacked and checked a box with a lens and filter for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this time the company has sent us ZTylus for iPhone 6 and we have been using for a week and the truth that the product is impeccable, from the presentation, through the case and finally reaching the lens and filter, the company has sent us an additional accessory that LED lights are standing in the same location as the lenses providing more light, that the tool will be bringing in another video meantime here are my comments on the ZTylus Metal.

The market for wearable devices could soon welcome a new fitness band signed HTC: We'll know more at the Mobile World Congress 2015.

HTC is working on a wearable device, and this, by now, we all know: we have no idea yet, however, of what the type of device designed by the company, given that, if a time there was talk of smartwatch, today speaks fitness band, and it is better that way, because the smart watches do not seem to have conquered the consumer (even if everything will be evaluated once launched Apple Watch). Let's do a summary of the latest rumor figure, as to what they write Forbes and Bloomberg, sources have always considered reliable.

A new arrival in the market for single-lens cameras. Although it bears a signature Japanese, the Panasonic LUMIX GF7 is ideal for those looking for a European style.

The camera Panasonic LUMIX GF7 is a machine with interchangeable lens that promises to adhere to the needs of users, which offers the opportunity to express their personal style. Compact, light and stylish, this comes in the name of beauty, with an aesthetic very successful, thanks to the care of the details.