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Today more and more users are betting on a smart home. The idea of ​​having a demonized house, that you can comfortably control through your mobile phone or through voice commands, is a detail that anyone would love. The best? That thanks to Xiaomi you can find all kinds of Xiaomi gadgets at a very attractive price. While it is true that a few years ago having a smart home was within reach of the bulkiest pockets, things are changing. Yes, now you can buy solutions at a very good price to have a demonized house. And this is where Xiaomi and its incredible range of smart products come in.

Looking for a comfortable wireless keyboard for your laptop or desktop, tablet or smart TV. Whatever the need for it, we have selected for you the best wireless keyboards Bluetooth or WiFi models available in 2019. As for mice, we equip ourselves with a wireless keyboard for the freedom it provides. In addition, many users seek to minimize the clutter cables of their various facilities. Not to mention the other uses for which wireless keyboards are intended: keyboards for tablets or keyboards to control and seize faster on smart TVs. We have selected for you the 5 best wireless keyboards of the moment for maximum comfort.

Perfect for sports, nature, night, landscape photography… Best telephoto lenses allow you to comfortably photograph scenarios that are far away from our camera and capture moments that without these optics would be impossible to achieve, such as close-ups of the moon or the intensity of match soccer. We can get these images with optics such as this Sigma 740954, one of the objectives selected by our experts.

Although in the market we find devices of all prices, there are some so cheap that it does not cost us too much to make the decision to buy them. In gadget-live we have selected 16 devices, gadgets and accessories are worth more than they cost thanks to offering a great value for money. Surely there are more, so if you come up with one that should be on our list, you can leave it in the comments.