Electronic Gadget

Being with batteries when you use your smartphone (but also applies to the tablet) is something that creates an objective discomfort. Here is a system that comes to the rescue.

Solar module for charging - At a time when technological gadgets have an important presence in our lives, the possibility (even remotely) to remain without charge produces apprehension. Here's another solution to the problem.

These speakers Magic S7 are destined for high-end market, and in fact reached the price of 58 thousand dollars the couple in short, are the classic device that we propose not to advise you to buy and increase your knowledge in a particular field, but to make you see how far they can get prices for certain products (for that matter, should be used, given the numbers of Samsung televisions and various devices that we have presented so far).

The market action cam confirms its liveliness, adhering to the needs felt by more and more customers.

Panasonic HX-A1 is the name of an action cam capable of meeting the needs of customers today. We all know how these tools have become popular, the desire of people to capture and share moments of their daily lives, especially if rich animation. In some cases the movies involve extreme actions, but those are best left to the professionals, because life is worth more than the protagonist.

This is undoubtedly one of the dilemmas we face many home theater enthusiasts we are considering the possibility of renewing our domestic projector. For one, the Full HD technology has reached full maturity, which caused us to have access to a huge amount of content in this format, and also that the market offers a great variety of projectors with this resolution with a first division performance and a great price.

Anyone can be disappointed with the constant delays that surround the Oculus Rift and other similar projects, but after seeing the spectacular demo HoloLens helmet that Microsoft provided on the main stage of its BUILD conference, we can not help but imagine a future bright for this special combo composed of augmented reality and virtual reality.

At Milan Design Week Asus unveiled the new VivoWatch a fitness tracker really nice and helpful ...

Asus VivoWatch was presented at the Design Week in 2015 and made ​​her look good, as well as being sold at a price quite accesible (we talk about USD 162), boasts features and design anything but bad just give look at the picture to realize that it's nice to see and it can be used with almost all types of clothing (improvement not with a classic suit, but few smartwatch who manage to overcome this challenge).