Electronic Gadget

The theme of the charging device technology today, increasingly voracious in terms of energy, is highly topical.

iSnatch reaches out to those who want to recharge, with a single device, more technological devices simultaneously. The goal is to speed up the supply, in a simplified framework, to restore the notches, in an era of sophistication and various applications which drain the battery faster than smartphones and other portable gadgets.

Rumored to be the second version of its My Band, but Xiaomi, today, has surprised taking this variant of quantifying bracelet, AmazFit is his name and is totally focused on fitness. Interestingly it joins the invitation has come to means of a presentation on the 22nd of this month, a new version of E4, DC version.

Today we were unpacking and completely revised camera BlackView one Pro Hero, comprehensive camera extreme sports in every way, first includes everything you need to use either on land and water, including most accessories you need to use on different computers either bicycle helmets, motorbikes and underwater thanks to the protector that comes with which can reach depths of 30 meters.

Although few days ago we saw firsthand (Samsung) announcement of Gear S2, today we had the official debut of this terminal which adds to the list of smartwatches round and one more battle wearables.

This time unlike what many might think, the S2 is a SmartWatch works with Tizen, leaving aside the popular and well regarded Android Wear, all to achieve both software and hardware integration of the house.

The catalog of the American company offers many temptations to music lovers, ideal for summer holidays.

Wish List Bose There are many tools for your listening pleasure, delivering the magic of the seven notes in a painting where the convenient usability, power and color of sound rise to wonderful companions at all times of the day, especially in the summer.