Electronic Gadget

We have all been there, haven't we? You start watching something on TV before you go to bed (or maybe after a big meal!) and get really interested in it only to doze off in the middle and end up missing the end! It is frustrating, especially when the program in question is not yet available on demand or via catch up services. However, there is a new piece of wearable tech that automatically detects when you fall asleep and then records whatever you are watching to be enjoyed at a later date! Let's take a closer look at this gadget!

One speaker cheap, waterproof and portable all the features of Logitech UE Roll...

Today we present Logitech UE Roll, a speaker Bluetooth handset that has on his side not only a decent performance, but also the compact size and an affordable price: the speaker, in fact, it weighs just over 300 grams and grains more or less As a standard CD has on its part, however, the certification IPX7, and therefore is completely waterproof and can be used, therefore, both in the shower is in the rain, without that these can damage it.

A new battery of Binghamton University promises big news, here's operation...

You all know what the 'origami, the Japanese art as it is known, of which we have spoken very often so far, by the way this art, in brief, provides that the paper is folded in different ways to order to get various objects, sculptures that really like and with surprising attention to detail (have also been made ​​of the robot, which really surprised the press). Today we own origami art, applied, however, to a battery: the study of engineers at Binghamton University in New York, who are trying to achieve a perfectly functioned battery powered water from bacteria.

It is not a new development, but now makes its landing in our stores, causing a good deal of interest.

LG KizON arrives on the market, offering himself with the notes of his seductions. This wearable, of which there were widely employed, is designed to give additional doses of tranquility to parents with children between four and eight years old, when they are forced to move away from them.

After the corresponding analysis, the LG G4 has gone through our usual test involving intensive use and as a single terminal for a month. If any section of the operation of LG G4 we could refine after our analysis, this was the time to do it. We leave you now with our analysis of the LG G4 after a month of use.

Exclusive design at other levels beyond the finish

In our long test with each terminal, the part design and how each terminal operated for a full month is the most relevant sections. This LG G4 wanted to see how well we got along with leather finish of the back cover and if we came back after a good season without those back buttons of LG, to hook your bet.

Intel is preparing to introduce some changes in its family of mini-PC Intel NUC. The support pages indicate official specifications and prices for the two new models based on the platform Braswell.

We have come to know well the device family Intel NUC as a major point of reference in the segment that includes the mini-PC, a product category that seems likely to attract a lot of interest even though it is a niche.

Here is a good proposal for the PC market, the mini-PC that we present is called Zidoo X1 and has a technical rather interesting.

We continue to talk about mini PC since Zidoo X1 is certainly worth to be mentioned: it is, in fact, a device that equips Allwinner H3 that stands out from all the others for a design that may or may not like, but that is certainly different from all the others: color silver or yellow, in fact, Zidoo X1 has a rounded shape and is very very small. We have no information yet on price, but the first rumors want that it is a low cost solution.

Big news for Meizu, Xiaomi who is preparing to fight with new interesting accessories

Meizu prepares to surprise the market on June 2 this year: in addition to presenting a new smartphone, namely the successor Meizu M1 notes, we know today as the Blue Charm Note 2 is expected to launch products that will put directly in competition with the fearsome Xiaomi; talk, to be exact, a Power Bank , a WiFi router, a fan and a smartwatch that could prove even a smartband in short, for fans of Chinese products - but quality - the surprises will not be at all a few. We take stock of the situation.