This robot wants to be the media center every room in your house


This robot wants to be the media center every room in your house

Think of all the gadgets we have in the living room: a television, a stereo, the console, and if we’re in the same room, mobile phone or tablet. They are all part of an ecosystem that could be defined as audiovisual and entertainment: music, movies, TV, video games … The image of our house full of electronic gizmos is familiar to us all.

GadgetAll no. Pierre Lebeau, former Google wants to see your room a different way. He does not want more square objects, but something organic and natural. Instead of an array of gadgets, your entertainment system will revolve around a single device: Keecker. A robot that aims to retire a lot of devices we have at home to be the star of our home.

An assistant robot with multimedia capabilities

Outside, Keecker seems lost son between a Roomba vacuum cleaner and Eve from Wall-E. However, neither is an assistant robot Jedi nor a vacuum automatically by moving house. This device is a combination of project, camera, surround sound and a brain in Android we can use any type of application we have in our smartphone or tablet.

Lebeau’s ambition is great and you want this robot to be able to all use the projector to play videos, use your speaker system for music and offer the potential of Android to have a service that allows you to surf the web, do videoconferencing and video gaming to name a few.

In fact, we can also use surveillance system thanks to your camera or use sensors to monitor temperature and humidity at home. For power, we will be able to use the phone to control it remotely.

An important point is that Keecker not intended as a device for personal use. Using the smartphone we can call you to come to a particular room and from the same application set depending on what we do. Sounds good but this makes us a question What is its versatility is a virtue or a device be able to do everything but does not excel in any section?

It is time to answer this question as they first have to get the $ 100,000 they are asking through Kickstarter. So far it is going well. I am going to allow that emphasizes how well it goes because this robot will not be exactly cheap and have gotten nearly 50,000 and has merit: $ 2500 is the asking price in crowdfunding platform but the final price (in store) will be of 4000. A high figure for a new category which currently looks promising but it raises many questions.