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Useful and relatively cheap, the new Logitech Harmony Home Control: there are three devices that allow the control of the house

Today Logitech unveiled the Harmony Home Control, a line of devices that will captivate certainly the most interested in homing and smart home automation in general : the Swiss manufacturer, in fact, has already put on his official website of the spaces for the commercialization of some devices . It is really interesting products and that are mainly represented by remotes.

New Android tablet coming from Dell here Venue 10 with removable keyboard

It is not the first time we are featuring Dell this week: a few days ago we told you about Dell Venue 8 7000 and today we are here to offer Dell Venue 10, tablet with a much larger display than what we already know, as well that a removable keyboard that makes it, actually, a 2 in 1 perfect, based on Android.

Here are the latest rumors about Samsung Gear Blink, the SmartGlass that Samsung is expected to launch the most famous and Google Glass

We had already talked about Samsung Blink Gear in the past , assuming that the first glasses of the company should be called just that. Today we have more rumors about this wearable technology and it seems that the presentations have already been set: it speaks, in fact, in March 2015, and the date should not be surprising, given that the brand of eyeglasses has already been registered in recent months.

In the rich collection of novelties brought by the Dutch house at the salon German technology, there are different headphones, offers the temptation of potential buyers.

IFA 2014 in Berlin, which will run until September 10, is putting on display a wide assortment of novelty in the field of hi-tech. Among the extensive range of exhibitors at the German festival, an area of great importance is touching Philips, present with several innovations, including in the field of audio.

The headphones that Motorola has are really nice here is Motorola Moto Hint

It's called Motorola Moto Hint and it is an accessory that some 'expected from' IFA 2014 the company, as it had been sent an online teaser trailer that did not think about anything else. We're talking about very special headsets, which will be sold in different colors and can be distinguished not only small but also because they are characterized by a very nice design and they certainly have noticed in photos. Let's see the details.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact was presented at IFA 2014 as the third member of the family Z3 here is a tablet that you might like it a lot

The listings Sony at IFA 2014 were numerous: we already talked about Sony Xperia and Xperia Z3 Z3 Compact, but the Z3 family includes not only the two smartphones; the Japanese giant, in fact, has also announced its new tablet, practically the tablet thinner and lighter on the market, perfect for gaming, since - as the two smartphones - the game lets you remotely.

Samsung S Gear Swarovski Edition will be presented at IFA in Berlin in 2014 together with the standard version

Here comes the Swarovski Edition for Samsung S Gear and certainly more than one woman will be pleased: the photo, in fact, shows a clock far from inelegant, and you can not say too much nerd and therefore poorly suited to the female audience - forgiven cliches -: in the end, it is a phone that will mount Tizen and that, as Samsung Gear Only, will be equipped with SIM.

Some slide leaked on the net provide us with some information about what Intel has in mind for its range NUC. The next generation of mini-PC will be much more powerful, perfect as a media center, but also for high-level gaming.

The area of the mini-PC is growing and will soon no longer just small and compact devices that contain the minimum necessary for the invention of passionate and creative. Raspberry is certainly not the only brand interested in this type of computer. Intel has invested a fair amount of resources in developing its own lineup of products and apparently he's going to lead to unexpected heights.

KettleCharge is a gadget designed for you to wear when you're away from home and so can charge your gadgets when you need it. Use the temperature difference as a system to load these, which will save you from many apueros if you take it with you.

Load Away

Load gadgets away is becoming so common an activity that every day we see new devices with this feature. Without going any further yesterday spoke in a very original way to charge gadgets such as exercise bikes at strategic points. And today we talk about KettleCharge, another portable charger that will facilitate us to charge our gadgets if we are away from home and we were out of power.