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Barnes & Noble has officially launched the new Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. The tablet, developed in collaboration with Samsung, is for the time being exclusive of the United States and has a starting price of $ 179.

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest book retailers in the territory of the United States and its lineup of products also includes other digital media players developed with the brand Nook. In recent times, the American company had announced its intention to devote more emphasis to the creation of a range of products from consumer electronics to revive the fortunes not just positive ones already on sale.

The same vertical growth of a city like Lima forced to change. Even if the user wants to purchase a great team and powerful sound, it is likely that its size does not take place in the small rooms of the new departments.

So the alternative of having wireless speakers and enough power is more than adequate. I tried the speaker Sony SRS-BTX300. Is the verdict? A useful and efficient in their work unit.

In the new segment 'phablets' (between tablets and smartphones), the Korean LG puts high fence

Honestly it was relatively recently that found sense of these devices that are between smartphones and tablets. They are not for the typical user; are not just for entertainment.

It is the most important commitment of the Korean in terms of smartphones this year.It is one of the best phones of the year

I heard and read much about the new Samsung Galaxy S5 before and after launch. The views were, of course, divided. However, high-end smartphones (regardless of manufacturer) have reached a point where you basically have the same characteristics. What made ​​the difference? I believe the details are mostly about software and user experience.

I tried for a week the new Galaxy S5 and is undoubtedly the most interesting mobile device that has come to our country in that year.

Pocket cameras are still very popular. Fujifilm brings this model with good performance and 'wave vintage '

One of the ways by which smartphones are still very popular is because increasingly integrated cameras bring much more power and more features. However, it is also clear that the more specialized a device may have better results.

Thanks to the online store I could taste the Fujifilm X10. It is an interesting team that can be considered as an alternative for those who are fond of photography.

With its new smartphone, Huawei is committed to a mid-range model compatible with 4G networks

The advancement of technology has spoiled us to expect that only smartphones are the last generation that will provide greater benefits to the user. For a week I tried the new Huawei Ascend G526 a mid-range phone that among its new features the ability to connect to the new 4G technology.

Samsung has a tablet designed specifically for children's use of the house

Everyone wants a tablet. But when there are children at home, things get complicated. Parents must consider many aspects, from restricting access to certain applications to limit the time of use.

For several days I tried the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Kids 3 Samsung. This is a good option in this segment, as it gives parents a real control over the computer.