Bluespeaker iSnatch, audio and charging for smartphone


Bluespeaker iSnatch, audio and charging for smartphone

Devices that know how to perform several functions at the same time have an edge in terms of commercial appeal, provided that they work well.

The Bluespeaker iSnatch also known to provide energy to the smartphone, providing an additional gift to his technical apparatus. This gadget also has the Bluetooth function Power Bank, which provides “fuel” to the multimedia phone, to get out of trouble in the most problematic.

GadgetThe internal battery is 4000 mAh and direct connection to the AUX audio source is allowed. The device integrates a bass-reflex system in order to enhance the sound, ensuring fidelity appropriate to the needs of modern users.

The look is soft and elegant. Happy the choice to match the color black with gray shade. To use the Bluespeaker just connect via Bluetooth to the device, push the power button … and you’re done.

Then you can enjoy your favorite music, always having on hand a solution to restore life to the smartphone when it is understaffed energy, frequent occurrence in an age like ours, where we listen with great frequency playlists on devices furniture.

The power and energy of the seven notes of the smartphone are combined, so suitable to better meet the needs of the present time, without losing the charge and the pleasure of the songs of the heart, amplified in the right tone. The recommended retail price is EUR 69.90.