Microsoft dares to Wear a keyboard for Android


Microsoft dares to Wear a keyboard for Android

Microsoft has shown in recent years that has little problem in creating applications for platforms that are not in their domain. What makes Android, and will continue to do so with his version wearable devices.

GadgetIt is its research and development, Microsoft Research, which goes by shaping a keyboard for Android Wear. It is a development that we will introduce one letter on the screen, taking advantage of the touch pad.

A display of a clock is not really big, we think it’s enough to make gestures, but little more can we ask. Microsoft shows that there is room for more complex recognition:

As you can see in the video, there is room for word suggestions, and a couple of buttons: space and delete. We can also see that manages well to recognize numbers and special characters.

The version (0.1) works with phones with 320×320 pixels resolution, square screen, but also works in parallel on the Motorola Moto 360