Electronic Gadget

Receiving awards is always good, especially when it comes to important awards, such as that obtained by Fujitsu.

The scanner Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 receives the Red Dot Product Design Award for 2015. This is an important recognition, awarded by an international jury, composed of 40 design specialists from around the world. Among the extensive range of choice, the committee awarded the prize to the model of Nissan, we discover together, in its blend of style, technology and functionality.

Very interesting rumors of a new prototype of shoes hi-tech developed by Xiaomi and Li Ning

Now seems clear that companies want to bet a lot on wearable technology, and the presence of these shoes smart plans Xiaomi and Li Ning is clearly shown, as he adds to smartband and smartwach products of a different kind: not that they served and Xiaomi Li Ning to make us understand how the facts really were, because in these days has spoken well of new Nokia products , most likely designed just for the market for wearable. But let Xiaomi and Li Ning.

The limits are made to be broken SanDisk marks a new frontier in the storage spaces.

SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card is the first in the world with 200 GB capacity. We all know how in this era technological need for storage space is very much felt. Have increasingly high storage capacity is a priority for many users, who make heavy use of data, to be transferred from one part to another or to bring back, for personal or shared for enjoyment.

A small speaker and water resistant can be an attractive solution, especially for younger people. Here is the proposal iSnatch.

Bright colors and retro design for the iSnatch Bluetooth Waterproof Mini speaker, playing on compact volumes and sympathy to gain the interest of those who love to listen to music anywhere, even on the move.

See with friends photos and videos contained in your smartphone gets easier with PicoAir.

PicoAir is a portable projector that can help on those occasions when it is difficult to have a larger device of the same type. The model was created for use with the smartphone, allowing the sharing that you can not get by appealing to only smart phone, where the photos or videos are enjoyed by two, maximum three people at a time, because of the small size of the screen, that limit the field of view.