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The pair of speaker Neolith costs minimum 80 thousand dollars, which is why

Even if it is the usual cliché of the average consumer, we would just like to know who never buy speakers electrostatic minimum 80 thousand dollars: the brand is what it is, and we know it; product quality is unquestionable three hundred and sixty degrees, but 80 thousand dollars, in short, are not meant to be spent behind a pair of speakers, as can be monstrous. Apart from this by the average consumer, here are the details, which for someone who might be more convincing.

Although sales of the tablet are falling, it's a great moment for this category. The new Dell Venue Pro 11 is a real PC in a tablet, and thanks to the new generation of chips Intel Core M generation Broadwell, needs no fans. Dell offers a glimpse of a glimpse of the future with his new Dell Venue Pro 11 7000, super modern tablet that takes advantage of the new generation of Intel Core M "Broadwell".

After announcing a strategic alliance with Microsoft, Jawbone is ready to face the challenges of the new market of fitness tracker. As expected yesterday came two new family members Jawbone, and now we can also show you their pictures. The company - vital and dynamic - knows that he should strive to follow the market closely in order to ride the wave of innovation instead of being submerged. Today Jawbone has chosen a position in the market rather sensible: the one that keeps it separate from expensive equipment like smartwatch and reliable delivery bracelets with an app rather complete, able to keep an eye on the user's activities and to monitor the stages of sleep.

Sometimes the technological universe is allowed marriages of high media value, for the appeal of signatures called into question. Today we have a confirmation.

Hello Kitty celebrates its fortieth birthday with a special collection of headphones developed with the collaboration of Beats by Dr. Dre, maison audio sponsored by rapper Dr. Dre and the managing director of the record label Interscope-Geffen-A & M Jimmy Iovine.

Hemingwrite is the prototype of an electronic word processor, complete technology and-ink and Wi-Fi, which responds to the need to write without the distractions offered by the modernity of the internet and the repercussions of nostalgic fans of writing.

There is no doubt that the world of technology, electronics and gadgets to be able to create some particular ideas, eccentric or bizarre. Hemingwrite belongs to this category of inventions, an idea that has taken hold at 'inside the confines of the fair of Insert Coin 2014, direct competition from Engadget that aims to promote the most deserving inventions helping their developers to implement them.

With Christmas approaching 2014 is perhaps appropriate to begin to take a look at possible gifts hi-tech, maybe designer, period. In the catalog of the Ferrari Store there are several gadgets that lend themselves to the choice for a cadeau signed, maybe to do or what to do on the occasion of Christmas 2014 , now more and more close to the horizon. Among the options we chose the headphones T250 On Ear leather, inspired by the excellence of craftsmanship GT cars. The name gives a figure that fills the hearts of fans of emotions.

Moov is a fitness tracker better than what you already have, or at least these are the forecasts that we can do as opposed to those already on the market, this new gadget can track the movements in all directions, and potentially "understand" each sport.

Moov was able to exceed its goal on Kickstarter in 90 minutes, and it's not hard to see why: defined as a coach AI wearable thanks to its sophisticated sensors that record 9 axes of motion, the Moov is able to understand the position of the the body of the wearer.

Although the latest edition of IFA , which, as you know, was held in early September in Berlin, he starred in the area of the image by UHD televisions, was also the stage for manufacturers to specify their new TVs Full HD. And Philips and TPV, the two companies joined forces to operate together while Philips brand, they snapped up the opportunity to show off "in society," its new proposals.