Flow, gadgets for controlling the PC with only gestures


Flow, gadgets for controlling the PC with only gestures

Check the PC is also possible without mouse and touchpad: here comes Flow

Today we present a gadget that will undoubtedly like to holders of a personal computer: the device in question, in fact, is called Flow and is able to connect to the desktop or laptop PC, to be programmed and enable you to communicate with the device only through gestures: no mouse and no other hardware, in short, except that this circle, however, compatible with a large number of applications (we talk about Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Premiere, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube).

GadgetThe project is described in detail on Indiegogo, where the demand for funding amounting to 50 thousand dollars was exceeded long before the deadline, and not a little: a great result, in short, for a gadget that replaces the mouse (but not too much, and we will see why) and which is sold at the minimum price of $ 99, so not in a figure affordability. Flow is passed with flying colors, even if the good old mouse – comes by to say – will never be replaced completely, because the same Flow presents something similar.

The volume is increased by raising his hand after it is positioned horizontally with respect to the gadget, the pages are changed with the movement of the hand placed vertically: the movement of the whole hand, in short, is essential; to make the scroll, however, you’re forced to touch the device, and this is a clear resemblance to the majority of mouse and touchpad. And it is just one of many movements in which the similarity is apparent.

The video you see on Indiegogo is really interesting, and clearly shows what are the functions of Flow and such, its characteristics, as well as the places where it can be used (for example, on the walls, in the pocket and in any room of the house)