GoPro will sell a line of drones next year


GoPro will sell a line of drones next year

Drones GoPro, the future of the shooting action flying is ready to arrive in our homes – or rather, in our activities more reckless.

Quadricotteri, drones multi-rotor designed to scarrozza the action cam here is the new idea of GoPro to expand their business, find new customers, and encourage fans who are already loyal users to say goodbye to other money for a “toy” sensational and hilarious.

droneThe drones in question will be developed specifically for the cameras, as is logical, and it will drive high definition, perfect for companies follow the reckless in areas or outdoor sports. Of course, if your hobbies are to pull a stick to the dog and paint Russian icons, probably GoPro drones are not just the kind of birthday present for you – But if wingsuit, downhill and free-climbing are your bread daily, the little flying robot with propellers there could ensure breathtaking footage.

GoPro has become a trademark of vital importance in the segment of consumer camcorders, and the fact that a company with a brand as relevant enters feet together into the market for drones is an important signal, which tells us what will be the success of the gadget upcoming seasons.

GoPro was however already an “insider” of the world of quadricotteri for hobbyists, consumer and pro-sumer. Most of the units that make shooting on board small aircraft are GoPro, after all. Clearly, the market research company led to this strategic choice. No one knows when it will be presented the first drone GoPro, but we’re pretty sure that will not be present under the tree this Christmas. As for the next, however, we are confident that it will be more than ready to “buzz” everywhere.