Headphones Spectrum One of Tonino Lamborghini


Headphones Spectrum One of Tonino Lamborghini

They carry a signature which enjoys great fame and lend themselves to a gift to put under the Christmas tree. A temptation to cut sports.

Spectrum One headphones are Tonino Lamborghini, who are looking for a clientele with a strong personality. Also in the field of audio accessories , branded products can make a difference, especially if the label binds to a creative flair offered with content of a certain level.

HeadphoneLooking at the proposals which we are concerned is immediately grasped the sleek design. The appearance of style, fresh and dynamic, is combined with premium features and a sound quality suitable, with clear bass and deep, mids and treble natural and expressive thanks to the dynamic driver class Hi-Fi 40 mm.

Coated leather, these are the first headphones on-ear under the sign of “charging bull.” The logo stands out on the canvas graphics with a 24 carat gold plating, which underlines their nobility. Two colors available: the elegant silver and passionate red. In both cases the result is pleasing, at least from my point of view.

The Spectrum One feature bearings ergonomic memory foam and EAR adjustable cup holder, which promise the perfect sound insulation and great fit. The price touches share 300 euro. To see them in the window to wait until January 2015, but it is already possible to order them online.

Recall that the group bolognese Tonino Lamborghini is active in many sectors. In recent times it has strengthened its presence in the mobile, with products aimed at a target of successful people, looking for objects of luxury and performance.