Happy Tab, new tablet for children with excellent applications and parental controls


Happy Tab, new tablet for children with excellent applications and parental controls

A tablet for children really nice, this Happy Tab studied by Chicco

What we present today is a tablet for children, whose name, Happy Tab, recalls indisputably the target audience, as it happens, moreover, for all the other tablets of this kind, of which we told you about some time ago . Our Happy Tab is made ​​from bean and is designed for children who are aged between eighteen and the thirty months along with Reply, a company specializing in the creation of new products based on new communication channels and digital media, is Chicco managed to do a good job with Android.

TabletLet’s see the peculiarities: Happy Tab has a very simple design and it is also nice to see; offers only content suitable for children, and not because it blocks all the others, but because there are twenty-six pre-installed applications to stimulate the ability of small at different stages of growth. Not talking about applications and small programs like those we are used to, because it was to help the Chicco Observatory, which has seen fit to create the app divided between language development, manual coordination, logic and creativity. Also present was the Parental Control, which allows parents to control all the activities carried out with the tablet: for one thing, Mom and Dad can access the Internet, while the little boy not.

As for the operating system, it is a revised version of Android, Open Reply, specially designed to create a product that would be able to easily put into communication parent and child are available, for example, multiple profiles, each of which is associated with each child, and all applications are subject to the control of the parent: here mom and dad can define the time limit for use of the tablet, and many other variables.