Nest, fun campaign commercials in USA


Nest, fun campaign commercials in USA

Nest has been acquired by Google, and then absorbed Dropcam. Now its products are offered in bundles and are all interconnected – and began an advertising campaign in the carpet. The commercials are fun, but of course leave out the issue of privacy.

webcamNest was bought by Google for some time, and has in turn absorbed the creators of intelligent cameras connected Dropcam. There have been quite heated discussions on the idea of ​​the union’s Nest, which produces smart thermostats and other devices that control the abode of its users, and Google, whose existence and Real billionaire depend entirely on the amount of data that can steal by our behavior online. Becomes quite natural to be wary of a bridgehead computerized Google that by its very nature keeps us constantly under observation in our house.

Nest do not seem troubled by these fears, and his spot glissando nimbly on the controversy, where the mock openly. Indeed, with a gesture of real public relations stunt, even omit the name of Google. I will say more: Nest has the talent, because the commercials themselves were created within the company by marketing director Doug Sweeny.

It is a series of advertisements that ironic about possible fears of users against Nest and Dropcam. The first, which you see on top of the article portrays an elderly grandfather who explains that the Internet will come to kill us all and excessive comfort Nest we will become too soft and shrunken to fight; the second is seen from the point of view of a dog, sorry I can not destroy the house in peace because it kept in check by Dropcam; The third one concerns a child by artistic instincts and destructive, that “Try deep regret towards the introduction of Dropcam at home”; The last concerns the classic neurotic, explaining how difficult it is to resist the temptation to check your smartphone every five seconds on the hunt for notifications.

The Nest thermostat and some of its other products at the moment are not yet made to be compatible with the standards used in Europe, but we know that is part of the company’s ambitions to expand globally. Upon thermostats are offered at $ 249, the sensor for fires at $ 99 and the cameras connected Dropcam Pro cost $ 199.

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