This will make the economic balance of the perfect chef with very few ingredients


This will make the economic balance of the perfect chef with very few ingredients

This scale, Drop, will make the perfect chef with his advice!

It’s called Drop and has a kitchen scale presented in April 2014, but is now finally available to the paltry $ 100: we are not crazy, and we know that such a price is not low, but take a look at video that they offer and tell us if it is worth spending a little more for such a product. This is not a Thermomix, this is normal, but something more, for those who missed the official presentation: Drop, in fact, advises what to cook when you are short on ingredients.

GadgetEverything is made ​​by a perfect interaction between tablet and balance: the screen of the first not only advises what to cook with what you have available, but guides you step by step to the realization of the recipe, up to before baking.

The recipes are too many, then you will not be a dry mouth. The interaction, among other things, is really fast – this is what the video shows at least – so you will not have to stand there and go crazy if you are looking for a good gadget for the kitchen, in short, Drop should be your choice .

Recall that already exist balances that connect to the app for the preparation of cocktails, but you will not find something like Drop, as the gadget has been designed especially for the pastry, then to give clear guidance to those who cook for work and not for passion: our advice is to us a little thought, because the product is worth. If, good expense!

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