3D printing – Tinkerplay helps children and the elderly


3D printing – Tinkerplay helps children and the elderly

Even 3D printers look towards the new generation, adapting to their needs. For the use of the smallest special attention was given to simplification.

3D3D printers will have an increasingly important role in the future. With this equipment you can build a rich array of products, ranging from food to implants, from musical instruments to cover for smartphone, from biomedical to those products for the construction industry. The sample seems endless and is destined to grow further with the arrival of new solutions of printing, even more flexible and sophisticated.

Technology is advancing at rapid pace and even in this sector are looming strides. If the options productive push to new shores, the increasing complexity of products which may be molded with this technique further away three-dimensional devices by children, because it makes it even more elaborate the design mode.

Fortunately there is a solution available to those who are not familiar with formulas and complex programs. It’s called Tinkerplay and is friendly application for 3D printing, which makes it easy and fast the operational scenario, enabling you to perform work product customization without being geniuses design. Just a minimum intake.

The software comes from the expertise of Autodesk, known for AutoCAD. Its features, accessible from the smallest (but also by the older and less accustomed to the technology), allow you to choose between models pre-loaded and create their own variants, availing themselves of the proposed options, in order to develop objects and characters, even complex, with textures and colors chosen according to your specifications, to produce new forms of design.