Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant – Portable Power Station


Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant – Portable Power Station

The world we live in is increasingly thirsty for water and energy supplies. Having a small central in tow is a nice convenience.

Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant is a source from which flows the charge needed to power the electric and electronic devices, in particular environmental situations.

gadgetWe all know how to grow the demand for energy in the world, despite the arrival on the market of models increasingly parks in terms of consumption. Having the current available is essential in our society, to meet the basic needs and to enjoy the fruits of progress.

Often we look for alternative sources , to reduce the environmental impact, but sometimes the new solutions are used to meet other needs. Proof comes from the device which we are concerned, that is kind of a power plant in portable format.

A device of this kind can help in areas that are not yet covered by the grid. Its use may be of considerable importance when the energy sources are absent or not available.

Blue Freedom Portable Hydropower Plant is a solution that may be fine for those who live near rivers, lakes and seas, but also in the neighborhood of irrigation flows. The sliding of the liquid produces energy, as if it were a small hydroelectric plant. Just keep it for an hour in a stream, to accumulate as it serves to provide ten hours of charging one smartphone.

Currently, the developers are collecting the necessary funds with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The final price should be between 199 and 219 dollars.

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