Motrr Galileo motorized support for GoPro


Motrr Galileo motorized support for GoPro

Support to perform remote shooting with the GoPro can be an interesting option for the needs of users.

Galileo is the support of motorized Motrr born for the ‘iPhone but now available, thanks to a series of adjustments, including the famous GoPro.

gadgetThis platform allows you to rotate 360 degrees horizontally and vertically action cam better known to the world, to rule even after a full perspective on what surrounds it. The movement is controlled remotely, directly from the smartphone or tablet.

For that to happen you need to install the App Motrr command, available free of charge for iOS devices. Then it will be directors of their shots, freely choosing where to frame, while remaining at a distance.

In addition to the official App Free there are others able to customize the experience with Galileo, as one that allows you to identify the face again and follow its movements, useful to the conference call, or even the application for streaming live or what It allows you to manage Galileo like a Cam IP video surveillance.

The action cam offer us new opportunities to live the visual memory of our emotions, that there is also space in the technological dimension, as well as in the heart. More options of recovery increases the quality of sensory experience, on all fronts.