SanDisk Ultra the first 200 GB MicroSD Card

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SanDisk Ultra the first 200 GB MicroSD Card

The limits are made to be broken SanDisk marks a new frontier in the storage spaces.

SanDisk Ultra MicroSD Card is the first in the world with 200 GB capacity. We all know how in this era technological need for storage space is very much felt. Have increasingly high storage capacity is a priority for many users, who make heavy use of data, to be transferred from one part to another or to bring back, for personal or shared for enjoyment.

Memory CardProgress has done miracles, increasing exponentially the capacity of flash memory , which are now able to do miracles. The confirmation comes from SanDisk, which has the merit of the placing on the market of the first card of this type can hold a lot of data so high.

Now the measures of a past so remote they do not even laugh. It seems that the flash drives are slowly pushing the territory of Terabytes, although at the moment it is premature to talk of such counting unit.

The MicroSD Ultra of which we are concerned, with its 200 GB, is a superb solution that enables new options, previously precluded. Many people may have tired of the need to use, where possible, more than one card to collect the content on multiple platforms, whenever the single memory reaches its maximum capacity, without considering how uncomfortable to switch between them according to need. The proposed new SanDisk overcomes this problem.

With its storage volumes just a single card to meet all your storage needs. Inside can be stored up to 20 hours of Full HD video. The maximum speed of data transfer share touches 90 MBps. This is equivalent to “decant” 1200 pictures per minute. Rugged and waterproof, the proposed new SanDisk will go on the market for an estimated $ 400.