PicoAir portable projector for smartphones


PicoAir portable projector for smartphones

See with friends photos and videos contained in your smartphone gets easier with PicoAir.

PicoAir is a portable projector that can help on those occasions when it is difficult to have a larger device of the same type. The model was created for use with the smartphone, allowing the sharing that you can not get by appealing to only smart phone, where the photos or videos are enjoyed by two, maximum three people at a time, because of the small size of the screen, that limit the field of view.

gadgetPicoAir is a device ultra-thin (just an inch thick), designed for people on the move. It provides users with a solution to project the contents of the mobile equipment on a wall with a resolution of 1920×720 pixels, widescreen 16:9.

The projector is connected to the source via Wi-Fi. The convenient size and wireless make it perfectly suited to the needs of those who is always moving and can not bring the following things bulky. An ultra-quiet fan ensures that PicoAir is kept at the right temperature. The built-in battery and battery provides up to 2.5 hours of battery life per full of energy: it is a value suitable for watching a movie. The price is $ 350, from Celluon.

In exchange for spending gets a very useful tool in the service of those who loves to share in different operational contexts. The manufacturer promises qualities worthy of expectations. This gadget can accompany easily under all circumstances, without imposing a particular sacrifice, except in case you do not have even a simple purse or a pocket free.