iSnatch Bluetooth Waterproof Mini speaker


iSnatch Bluetooth Waterproof Mini speaker

A small speaker and water resistant can be an attractive solution, especially for younger people. Here is the proposal iSnatch.

Bright colors and retro design for the iSnatch Bluetooth Waterproof Mini speaker, playing on compact volumes and sympathy to gain the interest of those who love to listen to music anywhere, even on the move.

gadgetThis tool is suitable for outdoor use. With a level of water resistance IPX5 should put away the whims of time, perhaps during a picnic spring, preventing functional damage associated arrival of a sudden burst of water, like those rather frequent in March.

The vintage look of the mold is not a reflection of a technology of the past, because the rest is a device in line with the times, at least compared to its standard size and cost. The purchase price of nearly EUR 30 share.

This cash bluetooth, also for cutting aesthetic, helps to create the right atmosphere and to have the appropriate background at any time. iSnatch Mini speaker can be connected to your smartphone, tablet and notebook via Bluetooth in order to share their music playlists with all your friends to spend pleasant hours of relaxation and fun, without being hampered by annoying cables or wires. The maximum allowed by the fully charged lithium battery 600 mAh moving in a range between four and six hours.