Xiaomi and Li Ning to work on smart shoes, the future is in wearable technology


Xiaomi and Li Ning to work on smart shoes, the future is in wearable technology

Very interesting rumors of a new prototype of shoes hi-tech developed by Xiaomi and Li Ning

Now seems clear that companies want to bet a lot on wearable technology, and the presence of these shoes smart plans Xiaomi and Li Ning is clearly shown, as he adds to smartband and smartwach products of a different kind: not that they served and Xiaomi Li Ning to make us understand how the facts really were, because in these days has spoken well of new Nokia products , most likely designed just for the market for wearable. But let Xiaomi and Li Ning.

TechThese smart shoes are certainly not the first prototype of the technology: the more experienced will know definitely that Adidas has designed the football boots with hi-tech technology, and that the same did Digitsole with a slab; but we could do with them examples galore, as the market is turning right toward the wearable technology applied to devices of various types and various shapes.

The shoes of Xiaomi and Li Ning will be equipped with sensors for monitoring physical activity, and will, therefore, to find the distance traveled during a session of relaxation, the speed of the walk, the number of steps performed and more: were designed, of course, for those who do sports, and without much sophistication; operation, in fact, expected via Bluetooth various sensors send the information to the smartphone, which will provide the output to the user via an application.

At the moment, it seems that Xiaomi and Li Ning are focused on the Chinese market, but, given the objectives of the first company, does not surprise us a broader marketing.