Acer presents the Predator 6 for the smartphone gamer

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Acer presents the Predator 6 for the smartphone gamer

For many today have a smartphone is synonymous with video games, and that the specifications of the current high-end terminals and mid-and the interest of developers to bring their titles to the portable format, we have filled gamers see their phone as a solution to these remaining leisure time while we go to school, work or simply are in the armchair at home.

Gaming SmartphoneAware that smartphone users are increasingly closer to the game, Acer wanted to go a step further and decided to create what they call the first smartphone gamer, with very high specifications and a number of extras that make it a perfect for those who can not live without gaming device.

As the name of your computer gamer, Predator, now Acer presents the Predator 6 carries its technical specifications:

  • Deca-core processor manufactured by MediaTek, which was not specified.
  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • Screen 6 inches.
  • Four speakers.
  • Haptic feedback, which Acer say it will be like driving a traditional controller.

At the moment, leaving many ways to discover, from Acer show us what would be a full-fledged high-end, according to its creators will be able to move any game that put him ahead.

Many things are missing to know the Predator 6, but at the moment a very interesting for those who enjoyed playing in our smartphone phone looks, so we hope to see him soon in the windows and get their hands on to see how it behaves.