Helios bluetooth headset powered by the Sun


Helios bluetooth headset powered by the Sun

The gadgets have many talents, but unfortunately their energy autonomy is often limited. The manufacturers try in various ways to run for cover.

Bluetooth headphones are increasing in the market, but they have a problem, the autonomy limited. Helios tries to overcome this handicap by appealing to energy more democratic and economic that of the sun.

HeadphoneThe project bears the signature of the start-up Franco-British Exod, who put the idea on the platform Kickstarter, crowdfunding for an operation started in November 2014 but proved fruitless, because it led to collect only 13,779 pounds, against 50,000 necessary to start the project.

However, the authors have found ways to cover the budget. So, we are talking about the headphones should land on the market very soon.

According to the producers, it would be enough of a solar charging 2-3 hours to ensure a full supply, which makes the work constantly self, thanks to the autonomy of 16 hours and to offer continuous charging from solar panels placed on the arc. In the unfortunate case of a fading energy, for lack of exposure to the source of supply, a jack cable can be connected to provide an emergency solution. The Helios feature a microphone and speakerphone.

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