Gear Samsung S2 is compatible with all Android phones, …. in theory!


Gear Samsung S2 is compatible with all Android phones, …. in theory!

Although few days ago we saw firsthand (Samsung) announcement of Gear S2, today we had the official debut of this terminal which adds to the list of smartwatches round and one more battle wearables.

This time unlike what many might think, the S2 is a SmartWatch works with Tizen, leaving aside the popular and well regarded Android Wear, all to achieve both software and hardware integration of the house.

SmartwatchThe work done in the Gear S2 is at high level, they attempted to give this device everything for anyone even miss Google’s operating system, and at least in theory this is true because we can find: mail, maps, my sport and in general everything is transferred to the new system for wearables, etc, etc. Samsung wants not we miss anything Android Wear, however there is a point that we had to doubt the compatibility with other phones other than Samsung.

The Gear S first generation only work with smartphones Samsung and that extremely limited its usefulness and drew criticism from the community of Android, so we were several who smile when they told us that in theory the Gear S2 will be compatible with all Android devices, opening the doors wide market for Korean and her new SmartWatch.

In all this there is a small detail that even obvious, but more than one sounds like bad news. The only requirement is need Android 4.4 or higher and at least 1.5GB of RAM, leaving out many phones like the Moto G. But happy to see that Samsung want to connect this device is not limited to its Galaxy.

The S2 Gear comes to trying to change the user experience that until now we had Android Wear, in fact has been released S2 Gear SDK for developers to create apps compatible watchfaces new and expanding opportunities for wearables and Tizen and enter fight with the many who have seen smartwatches light in the market these past 2 years.

Samsung’s intention is that this watch is also integrated into the Samsung Pay payment platform, but to see this become a reality we will have to wait until later this year (November) to have news on the subject.

Still missing a patch test to tell you more about this new SmartWatch Samsung, but it looks interesting and we hope will be a good alternative to what we have today in the shop windows, and if it comes from Samsung, possibly it will.

Now what many are waiting: availability and price. The Gear S2 will be available to the public from October with a value of approximately $ 390 USD.