Water resistant quadcopter Aviax H2O


Water resistant quadcopter Aviax H2O

Today we were unpacking and revised quadcopter Aviax H2O, a water resistant quadcopter, unusual for this type of products the company has for us Allbuy, The Aviax H2O can consider for beginners, presents several flight modes allowing us fly to $ 20, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% would be a bit more for advanced.

DronesThe quadcopter has 6 axis accelerometer that will allow us to maintain stable Aviax H2O, in materials we can say that its construction is plastic, hard resistant to the light again, includes protection for the propellers which are very flexible and there are times that the touch propellers so you have to be arranging protection for this not to happen, I personally prefer to fly unprotected but recommend them to have a little more experience in flight.

Due to its construction and weight, Aviax H2O is very light so fly in areas with enough wind can be a little tricky, I recommend seeking quiet areas for a better flying experience, something we will be able to do with this quadcopter are 360 at the push of a button, this is to give a little spark flight entertainment.

WATER RESISTANCE This point is very delicate and personally do not recommend, according to the website of H2O Aviax Allbuy the motherboard features and waterproof but not the battery so the engines or immerse it in water may cause damage to other components of the quadcopter, so I say DO NOT PUT THE WATER quadcopter, it may harm you and will not have this guarantee, outside the quadcopter will do nothing in the water.

The Aviax H2O has a perfect space to place a camera as an input so we can put the cable to the camera to record videos and controlling it from the transmitter, this is a separate accessory that can also get in the store.