Quadcopter UDI U841 4 in 1 HD Camera


Quadcopter UDI U841 4 in 1 HD Camera

Today we were unpacking and revised quadcopter UDI U841, a hybrid with which we can turn it into a vehicle with 4 and 2 wheels, but the functionality has not been the best, we will have some options to go a little off the beaten path.

To be very honest the quadcopter to putting on two or four wheels so we could not use as it should because neither more start moving wants to take flight so use with 4 wheels does not work well on the ground, then we have two wheels which help to climb walls or ceiling handle indoors, as I say, is something out of the ordinary but very functional.

DroneThe UDI U841 includes a sensor which can be used with a base where we can interact and attack the base also has a sensor to detect us haywire us to win we have to give the base 3 times shooting with a button is in the transmitter, personally I found it a bit difficult to use, but somewhat different from what we see in small quadcopter, this accessory can be used indoors and outdoors.

The flight was the most entertaining, the UDI U841 has 6 AXIS for incredible control, has 3 flight modes for beginners, intermediate and advanced and can do the typical 360, the truth that I delight to use this quadcopter has been easy and very stable, its battery is not the best because it only gives us between 6-7 minutes, it depends on the speed that apply to the UDI U841.

The 2 megapixel camera and one of the points that has not pleased me is how this placed because it points down and when you fly the quadcopter usually some degree bends making recording only point the garden, least in my case, it would have been better if the camera had been pointed in a straight line rather than having an angle. The quality was OK, but we see that frames are dropped during recording, there is a quadcopter that enables you to get the best videos, but if you fly very carefully and without tilting much can possibly get a normal but nothing special recording.

Materials quadcopter are in your plastic whole, but thanks to its compact size feel a hard, durable plastic, outside which includes safeguards to propellers, can tell you that on this point the product is hard and resists certain types of impacts.