Xiaomi is synonymous with smartphones, accessories, TVs, home automation, …. sneakers!

Xiaomi Sneakers

Xiaomi is synonymous with smartphones, accessories, TVs, home automation, …. sneakers!

Xiaomi is now one of the largest when talking to manufacturers of consumer electronics companies and I mean “consumer electronics” because, unlike many-they were given the job of creating an ecosystem of products ranging from accessories, through mobile devices, televisions, health articles and lately oriented automation products. They are a brand you love, good products at prices below their competitors. After this ode to Xiaomi, and has been waiting for it clear how much I like your product, go on with the story.

Xiaomi SneakersWhen many think that Xiaomi it could not be more new things to happen catalog, leaps the news from China: Xiaomi and Li Ning (Chinese company specializing in sportswear) came together to create a smart shoe (sneakers, athletic shoes) if, as you are listening.

We are talking about the Li Ning Smart shoes Red Rabbit and Li Ning Smart Shoes June Professional (apologies if the name is wrong because if one is to handle the Chinese help me in correcting the name), two models of sports shoes Li Ning brand oriented running and includes a series of sensors that communicate directly with your smartphone to deliver real-time information. The role of each brand is clear, Li Ning is responsible for the shoes, but the technology are implemented on the responsibility of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi shoes include motion sensors and pressure, which allows us to know how many steps we take in total. Thus, when walking or running all collected information is transferred via Bluetooth to your smartphone, which will measure the number of steps and calories burned, and many other sports applications.

Both models offer the same sensors and Bluetooth modules, and includes protection from water, sweat and pressure changes. Xiaomi indicates that the durability of these sensors withstand at least one year.