5 best HDMI switch

best HDMI switch

5 best HDMI switch

It was so annoying having to change cables every time I was going to use a different console or the Blu-Ray with the TV, that I decided to search among all of them, the best HDMI switch to be able to make a single connection and that’s it.

Surely it has happened to you too when you want the audio and video together instantly if you use any of your devices and want to change to another. For example, I needed to be able to connect the PS4, the Xbox One, the computer and the TV, so I began to inquire about the different models on the market.

There are some of course that is compatible with whatever device you can think of, but perhaps their size is too big for you and you don’t want something so visible. There are also more discreet ones, with many or few entrances, in the end, the choice is yours depending on your needs and the available budget.

The good thing is that there is a lot of variety and it is possible to find them at an affordable price and a good brand.

What is the best HDMI switcher?

If you are interested in getting an HDMI splitter to connect various devices at home, the office or even in schools, for example, an HDTV, DVD, PS3 / PS4, and Xbox One / 360, Wii, etc. It is recommended to first look at several characteristics before investing those euros in something that is not going to work for you. Check the following before:

Devices to connect

It is one of the first things that you should take into account before buying any HDMI Switch. In addition to the ones I have already mentioned, they are also compatible with HD cameras, 4K televisions, 3D devices, etc.

Inputs and outputs

In addition to compatibility, the number of devices you plan to connect must be taken into account to find a switch with the same number of ports. This is precisely the essence of investing in a device like this to avoid the work of connecting and disconnecting.

Manual or automatic transmission

It is very practical to have automatic control because with this function the splitter (as it is also called) changes the console or electronic equipment when it receives its power signal. For example, if you turn off the DVD and turn on the computer, the change will be automatic. In case you have several teams working at the same time, manual control by means of selection buttons will be more convenient.

As I have reviewed several models before getting mine, I can tell you that the comparison list below has the 5 best HDMI switches today. You can check it to have some options and you will surely find one that is cheap.

1. Kinivo 301BN High-Speed ​​HDMI Switch

It is an automatic switch that changes with the input that is active and it suits you if you have three devices to connect. It has three high-speed HDMI ports and an AC power adapter.

You can also do the manual change using the remote control with an infrared sensor included or with the button located on the device. It supports 3D.

2. Kanaan Matrix HDMI Splitter Switch Duplicator

If you need a splitter compatible with 3D and FullHD, this may be your option. Allows connection with three HDMI electronics and 2 output players. Its housing is made of resistant metal and measures approximately 135 x 90 x 25 mm. It comes with remote control and a power adapter.

3.Musou AK8-JJ0-IT-NI HDMI switch

This model is very valid for those who do not want to move a finger to change cables or have to make more connections. It has automatic and manual switching, 3 inputs for DVD, Blu-Ray, camcorder, SAT receiver, PC, Mac, XBOX 360, PlayStation 3, etc. and 1 output for LCD TV, Plasma TV, TFT, projector, HD or Full TV HD. It enables the optimal and lossless transfer of any HDTV signal.


Those who own 4K televisions will see this splitter as an excellent option that is compatible with UHD video and also with HDMI 2.0, HDCP, 2.2, and DVI 1.0. It has high performance and is also suitable for all 3D television formats. Its measurements are 64mm x 155mm x 17mm, so it’s quite discreet if you don’t want to show it.

5. HDMI SOWTECH switch

Those who need to connect the Blue-Ray, Cable Box, PS3, Xbox360, etc. can do it with this switch which works great with all of them. It is powered by a plug and plays USB cable, therefore its installation is very simple. It can support 12-bit Dark Color and HDTV resolutions up to 4K 2160p.